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Customer Service Templates Discount Coupon Code – 30% Off Promo Deal

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Make use of the limited-time only Customer Service Templates offer deal code above and get a special 30% off your next purchase of Customer Service Templates by Alice Seba, Ron Douglas, DFY Templates.

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Customers are the worst!

Okay, I’m totally kidding because customers RULE, but providing customer effective customer service can be draining. Well, here’s a great solution.

Over at DFY Templates, we made some Customer Service and Retention Templates to help you provide exemplary customer service that encourages repeat sales, word of mouth and more. Your business doesn't end once you make the these templates are very worthwhile. Turn them over to your virtual assistant or use them yourself if you do your own customer service.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what customer service is and what it isn’t. Customer service is a series of processes and systems designed to:

Would you say that your customers are 100% satisfied? Are they over the moon excited about your company and thrilled with every interaction that they have with you?

"High quality work, easy to adapt as needed. Thank you!" ~ Amy Reynolds

In contrast to a lot of content on the market, yours is very well written. And… it appears that your research is thorough and not just based upon anecdotal information. I appreciate that. ~ Elaine Guinn

"I keep on buying it, even after all these years because it saves me money, time and energy and adds value to the work I do." ~ Cath Armstrong

For example, autoresponders that thank customers for their purchase are a customer service system. They’re automated and they help guide your customer to find the answers, products, and steps they need to take.

"You deliver quality work with no BS and it saves me so much time. Thank you for putting your name on such great products." ~  Linda Henslee

There are limitless ways our template packages and strategies can help you grow and connect with your audience...and help you sell more products. Let's just look at a few of the strategies that can help you save time and work more cost-effectively to get BIG results for your business.

It is of the highest quality available on the market...I have never been disappointed with any of the many products I have purchased from you. ~ William Chaney

"High-quality, well-written and easy to integrate." ~ Grace-Marie Jones

Create & Boost the Value of Your Products (Private Label / Resell Option)

There are only so many hours in a day and you can only fully develop so many skills. Instead, take our templates and give them to your contractors or staff...and let them run with them. Problem solved!

If you look at that portion of the definition, you may quickly realize that your own customer service has room for improvement. Much of your customer service can and should be automated. It should be something that proactively solves a problem or prevents a problem from happening.

Here's the perfect way to boost your value to your clients: Just get them more results.

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