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Push Connect Notify Discount >> Lifetime Launch 90% Off Promo Special Offer Deal

Our recent addition has just been uploaded to the IM Coupons homepage. It's likely you have been longing for this for a long time, and therefore it really is finally here. There is a full entry at your disposal in the link below. Have fun!

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Get your special Push Connect Notify discount link above and get a special Lifetime 90% off your subscription of Push Connect Notify by Jimmy Kim, Snaptactix.

Take note that the special offer above is available for a limited time only, and may expire at any time.

Just click on the Red Banner Link you see above and you will be brought to the Push Connect Notify promo page so you can grab your special offer price.

* Discovered this special offer has expired? Simply use the search textbox above to find the most recent special offers obtainable for this item.

Push Connect Notify is a powerful, cloud based software application that allows you to capture push subscribers, get their email addresses, all by simply pasting one line of code on your website, eCommerce, or Wordpress site. The app also allows you to send unlimited browser push notifications.

Once you setup your campaign inside of Push Connect Notify, you copy and paste a line of code on your website/blog and we start capturing push subscribers - converting regular visitors on your website to subscribers for both notifications AND email marketing instantly.


Whenever someone subscribes, they become a part of your PCN database, and you can send them push notifications whenever you want.


And with our Email Marketing integration, it allows users to ask the user who just "micro-commited" by saying YES to capture their email address as well and Push Connect Notify will push that email to your favorite email marketing provider. (Yes, we allow all webforms!)


We even developed a 1 click Wordpress Plugin AND 1 Click Shopify integration! The user would manage the app from our dashboard.

To take the idea of Web Notifications to the next level, as a marketer, I realized that you could gently nudge them to opt in to your email list as well. They already said YES once, the micro-commitment has been set and now you can enjoy TWO for the price of one! Email Marketing Meets Push Notifications!

So if you’ve ever been to a major site, like YouTube, CNN, or eBay, you’ve probably been shown a little "pop up" that says "NAME OF SITE wants to send you notifications."

That’s called a "Push Notification."

Now.. here’s the cool thing about that - it’s UNBLOCKABLE as it’s built into the major 3 browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

And before you say it, these 3 browsers represent 93% of the world’s population of browsers!

That little notification requires either a team of developers to code on your website, or you can short cut it with a simple 1 line of code with this…

Your friend Jimmy and his company Snaptactix, just released a brand new app that’s the next generation of Website Push Notifications called Push Connect Notify.

Now - here’s what they love about it:

1. It’s 100% marketer friendly, letting you fully customize everything from logos, colors, buttons, and more..

2. It requires 1 copy and paste of code OR you can use the powerful 1 click wordpress OR shopfiy integration

3. It captures emails for you too! Integrated with the top 8 autoresponders OR you can paste your own code!

It’s literally the “perfect” way to capture 100% of your website traffic.

Go see how it works and the full demo here!

And YES, it cane be installed ANYWHERE you can paste 1 line of code on your website! (Similar to google analytics etc)

This is a MUST HAVE for any serious marketer in 2017.

Leverage the power of your web browser with an UNBLOCKABLE technology that you can start using today!

Go ahead- check out Push Connect Notify today!

Click on the Push Connect Notify site link above to check out the salespage…


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