Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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I've been busy planning + organizing my business after an awesome summer, and I'm SUPER excited for the next few months.

Which got me're probably in the midst of planning too, so I thought it would be an awesome time to bring back my "Fun + Profitable Business Planning" project kit for a couple of days this week.

Here are all the fabulous goodies you'll find in this kit...

Your Step-by-Step Fun + Profitable Business Plan Covers: (you get this in .doc format so you and your team can edit it, add to it, etc. and then use it as your team's standard operating procedures for business planning):

Getting Started

Marketing Strategy Overview

Timeline & Budget

Business & Lifestyle Goals

Section One: Overall Business Review

Step 1: Product and Promotion Review

Step 2: Hours Worked

Step 3: Recommendations for Improvement

Section Two: Calendar Management and Planning

Step 4: Timetable Development

Step 5: Project and Task Assignments

Section Three: Product Development

Step 6: Product Brainstorming

Step 7: Team Development

Step 8: Product Marketing

Section Four: Marketing Planning

Step 9: Blog and Email Management

Step 10: Free Webinars and Calls

Step 11: Video Marketing

Step 12: Social Media

Section Five: Pulling It All Together

Step 13: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Task Planning

Plus, You'll Get all These Additional Templates:

Business Planning Flow Chart

Daily Task Planner

Weekly Task Planner

Monthly Task Planner

Affiliate Planning Template

Autoresponder Planner

Blog Post Planner

New Product Brainstorm Planner

New Product Plan Worksheet

Promotion Planning Worksheet

Monthly Social Media Planner

Video Planning Template

Free Call Webinar Planner

8 Checklists:

Product Brainstorming Checklist

New Product Setup Checklist

Affiliate Promotions Checklist

Social Media Planning Checklist

Video Creation Checklist

Free Webinar Checklist

Landing Page Creation Checklist

Download Page Creation Checklist

Plus, did you know that you can hand this kit over to your assistant so she can follow the steps and use the templates to help you plan too? You can!

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