Thursday, September 7, 2017

Energizing Your Facebook Group PLR COUPON Discount Code #> 30% Off Promo Deal

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Are you looking for some great content to teach your readers and subscribers how to maximize their Facebook Group marketing ROI?

Here's a new PLR pack on sale. With the special coupon above. From White Label Perks.

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This Business & Marketing Content & Content Perk Package is focused on ” Energizing Your Facebook Group”

Note: This September Release Is Included In Our New Perks Pass Membership

Energizing Your Facebook Group

It starts with a Five Post Blog Series totaling no less than 2500 words.

Why a Facebook Group Is the Perfect Way to Build Your Brand;

3 Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Facebook Group;

Transforming Your Facebook Group into a Community;

How to Make Your Facebook Group Thrive;

Promote Your Facebook Group to Gain New Members

We’ve crafted Ten Social Friendly Graphics to compliment the written content and make your posts more shareable.

Images come with PSD Files and we provide the beautiful typography as transparent PNG files so you can match them up with other photos if you wish. (Can be managed with PicMonkey or Canva if you don’t have Photoshop!)

To save you even more time, we’ve written 30 Quick Social Blurbs you can use to promote your posts via Social Media.

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