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Our newest post has just been put onto the IM Coupons site. You'll have been awaiting this for quite a while, and therefore it's finally here. There's the full entry presented through the website link just below. Enjoy!

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All things being equal, you'll get more orders from 500 clicks from your email than you will from 250. Right?

People usually don't buy something the first time they hear about it. One of the best ways to really send your conversion rates soaring is to create an email series, which gives you multiple chances to reach prospects and convince them to buy. But this only works if you know how to create a series that keeps your readers hooked, opening your emails and clicking on your links. This guide shows you exactly how to do just that!

When writing effective calls to action in your emails, it’s easy to skip over a step or a key point. That’s why you’ll want to use this handy seven-step checklist guide to ensure you’re writing calls to action that get great results. You can even print it off so it’s always right at your fingertips when you’re mailing your list!

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an intermediate email marketer, if you own a list ... this package of over 130 pages of proven strategy and templates that will help you get more clicks from your email campaigns. 

Here's the problem:  You're most likely missing the key step that email marketing success depends upon.

It's not enough to pry your subscribers' eyes away from all the clutter in their inbox long enough to quickly glance at your message. If they don't read properly, they won't respond.

As you can see, the List Rocket package is a true must-have set of resources that any serious email marketer needs to use with every email they send out.

And you don't need to look further than your bank account to see why "getting the click" is important to your business... 

"Discover how to send 3 emails that resonate with every subscriber and practically force them to click and buy!"

A button or link doesn’t do a whole lot on its own to compel someone to take action. That’s why you need to specifically instruct people on what you want them to do next. There is no one-size-fits-all CTA. That’s why you’ll want to take a look at these ten effective CTAs and when to use them.

Why do you send emails to your list? Because you want them to take some specific action, such as clicking on a link. But sometimes they don’t click on the links in your emails. And let’s be honest: sometimes they don’t even bother clicking on your email itself to open it.The good news is that you can turn that all around starting today by taking a look at these 15 ways to get more clicks in your email campaigns.

Do it right and it translates into more orders and when you get more clicks you make more money.

This email sequence template set is all about giving your prospects some really good information (such as a set of tips, secrets or steps for completing some process) and then promoting a specific product that is related to the content at the conclusion of the email. Use this "fill-in-the-blanks" set of templates to turn your content into clicks in a matter of minutes!

Let's face it, more clicks lead to more orders. We both agree on that right? The more people who click on a link in your email to arrive at a page where you pitch them an offer the more orders you'll generate.

You're going to miss out on this offer if you don't lock in your spot now.  Take action and secure your copy right away, because this is going to be your new "secret weapon" to getting all the clicks you need to put more money in your pocket!

Click on the List Rocket website link shown above for information on this product…

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