Sunday, January 21, 2018

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A whole new addition was just dispatched to the IM Coupons daily specials category. You should check out the full highlights relating to this update by visiting the url below. Extra news just around the corner when time allows

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Your command center for social media campaigns

Create, collaborate, and schedule social media posts with Planable

If I were to ask you about your current social media post workflow, you would probably say…

“Well, I brainstorm on sticky notes, write ideas in a spreadsheet, discuss them with clients in roughly 23 email exchanges, transfer files via Google Drive, and then post on fake social media accounts to preview content."

And that’s precisely what Planable founders did when they used to work for social media agencies that managed clients like Coca-Cola and Orange.

But, they understood there needed to be a better way. So they built one.

Meet Planable, the most visual platform to plan and collaborate on social media posts.

Planable is a one-stop-shop for social media teams to create, discuss, approve, and schedule social media content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

With Planable, social content is kept in one, perfectly organized place so you, and your team, can work more efficiently.

Planable helps you avoid surprises by allowing you to see exactly how posts will look on social networks.

Avoid misunderstanding and long email threads by using this completely transparent interface to interact in real-time, right on the post. (I’m not sure who will be more excited about this feature, you or your clients.)

Once you’ve crafted a post, you can schedule it to post on all social pages with just a couple of clicks!

At the moment, agencies and teams such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Volkswagen, and Applebee’s are using Planable to collaborate more efficiently.

In Planable, every team has their own workspace, meaning, one brand. You can create several Facebook pages for one workspace, or one page of each type. It’s your choice.

What sets Planable apart from direct competitors is that users can visually plan and collaborate on social media feeds before publishing any content.

This social feed mock-up capability will help you avoid those “ahh, it doesn’t look right! Take it down!” moments. (I have had my fair share of those, some of which went unnoticed for way too long.)

Click on the Planable site link shown above to check out the salespage…

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