Monday, March 19, 2018

Instagram Marketing Planner COUPON Discount Code #> 27% Off Promo Deal

The latest IM Coupons update is at last here. Thank you for waiting as well as for all of your support throughout the last few weeks. We will inform you about more information as they are published. For the time being, more information in the url listed below.

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Take advantage of the temporary Instagram Marketing Planner discount code above and save 27% off your purchase of Instagram Marketing Planner by Nicole Dean, Melissa Ingold, Coach Glue.

Bear in mind that the special offer listed here is valid for a short time only, and may expire at any given time.

Just click the Red Banner Link above to reveal and copy your Instagram Marketing Planner discount code and use it to get your discounted subscription.

*If the particular offer above has ended, just use the search box up above to search for the newest available deals, discounts and bargains for this particular package.

Are you currently missing the opportunity to reach over 500 million monthly active users on Instagram?

If so, no worries. Instagram Planner can help you fix that! :)

But this is a reminder that you'll want to grab it now as this Planner will disappear from our Website and be available ONLY to our VIP members after TODAY.

This Step-by-Step Planner Will Walk you Through These Steps:

Step 1: Optimize Your Profile

Exercise: Create Your Instagram Profile

Step 2: Start Growing Your Community

Exercise: Identify the Influencers

Exercise: Find Your Dream Clients

Step 3: #Hashtags #Matter

Exercise: Find Your Hashtags

Step 4: Develop Your Brand Strategy

Exercise: Define Your Brand

Step 5: Start (or Join) a Conversation

Exercise: Plan Your Conversational Style

Step 6: Build a Buzz About Your Brand

Exercise: Plan an Instagram Contest

Step 7: Intentional Posting Strategies

Exercise: Develop an Intentional Posting Strategy

Step 8: Instagram Ads

Exercise: Plan Your Ad Campaign

What can you do with this planner?

- Use it to plan out your own Instagram marketing system.

- Work through it with your clients as part of a course to help them use Instagram to build a loyal tribe of followings and generate more leads + clients.

- Create a lead generator from one of the exercises. For instance “How to Find Your Dream Clients on Instagram” Or “How to Plan an Instagram Contest to Create Massive Buzz about Your Brand”

- Use this planner to teach your client HOW to have an Instagram marketing system, but then offer a “done for you” service where you or your team does it for them.

- Use this information to create a video series where you’re teaching people how to plan and set up their own tribe building and lead converting system.

- Create a 7 Day Ecourse or Lead Conversion challenge to grow your Instagram following.

Click on the Instagram Marketing Planner site link shown above for details on this product…

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