Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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Description : How does the Teach Your Tribe package help you make additional $1000s per month in recurring revenue?

Our packages include everything you’ll need to DISMISS all the worry and stress of content creation!

Included in every teach your tribe package is a step-by-step training script and PowerPoint slides on a business related topic, so here’s how you use this:

Print off the script and get out your pen.

Go through the content and make a note of where you’d like to add a personal story, a resource, a case study, an example, etc.

Then, based on the number of steps in the script, that will be how many days your challenge will run for. So if there are 7 steps, you’ll create a 7 day challenge.

Next, you will either do a Facebook live for each step, or a record a video and post it to the group.

At the end of your training for each step, you will assign your members some work. For instance, if you’re teaching them how to get 3 new clients this month, and you just taught them how to pre-qualify potential clients – you could have them create their free call application.

Then your members can ask for feedback on their assignment, share their wins, results, and more in the group.

And then if you really want to take it to the next level, invite them to signup for a 1:1 VIP day with you to dive even deeper into the topic and get your personal help.

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