Friday, December 4, 2116

Know The Google Analytics Mobile Performance Reports Like The Back Of Your Hand If You Don't Want A Dead Website

The number of mobile users has already exceeded the number of desktop users. This means internet marketers are increasingly following a mobile first strategy. Marketers who were doing well at the beginning of the year suddenly saw drastic drops in their revenue as the times and tides changed.

One of the 7 essential Google Analytics Reports every marketer should know like the back of their hand is the Mobile Performance report. In a shocking reveal by Search Engine Land, they mention that:

In fact, mobile is so important now that Google even penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly. 
For marketers, knowing how their sites perform on smaller screens is vital to staying alive in the SERPs and winning over customers. 
The mobile performance report shows you how well your site (not app) is optimized for mobile and where you need to make improvements. 
You can even segment the report further to see which mobile devices/browsers customers are using to access your site. This will tell you if your site is performing poorly on some devices. 
Accessing this report is easy: Just go to Audience -> Mobile -> Overview.

Have you been working on your mobile marketing game yet? You'd better start before it's too late.

7 Essential Google Analytics Reports Every Marketer Must Know | Search Engine Land