Tuesday, January 10, 2017

ConjureGram Discount >> Earlybird 30% Off Promo Special Offer Deal

The latest marketing and advertising sale was just updated on the IM Coupons site. You will find additional information on that by simply clicking the url below. Hopefully you like this recent addition, and thanks for promoting all of our work! All the best.

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Get your limited-time only ConjureGram promo link above and save Earlybird 30% off your subscription of ConjureGram by Ben Murray & Daniel Adetunji of ConjureGram.co.

Take note that the deal listed here is available for a limited time only, and may expire at any time.

Simply click the Red Banner Link above and you will be brought to the ConjureGram special offer page so you can grab your special offer price.

* Found this special offer has expired? Just use the search area above to find the most current deals obtainable for this product.

- 100% Cloud Scheduling and Re-Scheduling

Schedule your posts by the hour, day, month or year, with no 3rd party apps, desktop softwares, or browser extensions needed! (First ever to do this)

Plus, you can choose to schedule the post multiple-times instead of just once on autopilot for even more traffic!

- Cloudbased & Mobile Friendly

Nothing to download. No 3rd party extensions. Create, edit and schedule your Instagram posts anywhere and you don’t need to leave your computer running.

- Fast Image Editing

Trim your images to perfect Instagram dimensions. Draw doodles. Insert overlays. You can even add watermarks to your images to brand your biz and drive traffic. The possibilities are endless.

- Fast Video Editing

Now you can trim your own videos or ANY YouTube or Vimeo videos for perfect Instagram dimensions.

- Run Auto Follow Campaigns

Build a massive, relevant following while you sleep by auto-following target users by hashtags or a geo location you set (amazing for local businesses).

- Hashtag Spy

Tap into tidal traffic waves with fresh hash tags that piggy back red hot trends in your industry. See the hash tags that are heating up and use them in your posts for an instant hit of free traffic.

- Run Auto Commenting & Sharing Campaigns

Auto comment hands free on timeline feed images, popular feed images, relevant-viral posts, or on influencers posts hands-free. Get traffic, followers, and build relationships fast on autopilot. WOW

- Deep Analytics to See What’s Working

See detailed stats and analytics to quickly know what campaigns and posts to focus on and which ones aren’t driving traffic.

- Connect Multiple Instagram Accounts

Now you can use multiple Instagram accounts for all your projects, niches and staff members.

- 100% Instagram Compliant

Unlike other apps, Conjure Gram is fully compliant with Instagram’s TOS. And advanced features to make sure your account is never in jeopardy of being flagged.

- Run Auto Liking Campaigns

Liking relevant images is one of the fastest ways to build a real following and now you can do it completely hands free with this feature. Choose what images you want to like, set schedule time between images, and go. It’s that easy.

- Build your following from 100% scratch

Don’t have any followers to schedule posts to? Then use the auto-liking, auto-commenting, auto-following modules to get real, targeted followers while you sleep

- Unlimited Video Curation Content

Use anyones YouTube video and instantly trim it to the correct dimensions to post to Instagram on the fly. You can curate unlimited ‘microvideo’ content that gets a 100% view rate from your followers on Instagram.

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