Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sweet Seasonal Marketing Kit COUPON Discount Code @ 50% Off Promo Deal

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Use the temporary Sweet Seasonal Marketing Kit discount code above and get a special 50% off your next purchase of Sweet Seasonal Marketing Kit by Melissa Ingold, Time Freedom Business.

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Wowsers, the holidays sure are sneaking up on us fast.

Did you run a holiday sale or promotion last year, or did you miss out because you just didn't have the time?

If you missed out on sales last year because you were unprepared + unorganized and didn't put an offer together - DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE THIS YEAR!

Whether you sell digital or physical products, or services and coaching packages - consumers and business owners will be looking for deals in the days leading up to Christmas.

And get this...

FACT: The Days from Black Friday Through Christmas Pull in 50-100% More Revenue Compared to Shopping Days Throughout the Rest of the Year!

If you’re ready to kick start your own money-making holiday marketing campaign, I've got good news for you...

I've brought back my "Sweet Seasonal Marketing" project kit for a couple of days only and it's filled with done-for-you templates + emails, checklists and more.

Here's everything you'll find in this kit...

Your Step-by-Step Seasonal Marketing Plan Covers: (you get this in .doc format so you and your team can edit it, add to it, etc. and then use it as your team's standard operating procedures for running your holiday sales):

Getting Started

Marketing Strategy Overview

Timeline & Budget

Business & Lifestyle Goals

Section One: Annual Overview & Planning

Step 1: Review Calendar for Potential Tie-Ins

Step 2: Review Current Products for Potential Sales Funnels

Step 3: Brainstorm New Products for Potential Development

Step 4: Build Promotional Calendar for Year

Section Two: Systems Development

Step 5: Create Funnel Plans for Each Promotion

Step 6: Plan Additional Materials Needed for Promotions

Section Three: Project Planning & Follow Up

Step 7: Create Task Timeline & Assign to team

Section Four: Review & Recommendations

Step 8: What Worked? What Didn’t? What Can We Do Better?

And more!

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