Friday, November 24, 2017

KingSumo DISCOUNT Code @> Lifetime Access $445 Off Promo Special Offer Deal

The new IM Coupons addition is finally here. Many thanks for patiently waiting along with all of your encouragement throughout the last few weeks. We will let you know more information as they're launched. In the meantime, more information in the website link listed below.

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Use the temporary KingSumo discount link above and get a special Lifetime Access $445 off your purchase of KingSumo by

Remember that the deal listed here is valid for a limited time only, and may expire without notice.

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The email list building tool that reigns supreme

Get viral growth for your email list with KingSumo

Earlier this year, I ran a KingSumo giveaway for AppSumo to keep growing our email list

spent a few days brainstorming ideas, a few hours setting up the giveaway, and a few seconds clicking launch.

My goal was to get 2,000 email sign ups.

Let's take a look at the actual results after running the giveaway for a week:

30,882 entries?! KingSumo helps you look like a marketing genius

Not only did this giveaway blow away my expectations for email sign-ups, but tons of those new subscribers went on to become active Sumo-lings: buying deals, making comments, and being part of our incredible community.

KingSumo is the exact software that we've used at AppSumo to grow our list to 750,000+ people!

From Tim Ferriss, to James Altucher, to Ramit Sethi, all our favorite folks have been using KingSumo to grow their lists, attract new customers, and move that money.

You can launch your first KingSumo Giveaway with 3 easy steps:

Add in the details and pictures for your giveaway in the setup wizard

Share the giveaway through your social media and/or current email list

People will enter the giveaway and be incentivized to share with their friends to get more entries for themselves

So if you’re just starting to build a following, or want to double your email list with a single campaign, you NEED KingSumo.


It's super simple to set up (saving you tons of time)

People are incentivized to share your giveaway (creating virality)

You can run as many campaigns as you want for no extra fee!

KingSumo has even unleashed some powerful new features to put your giveaway campaigns into overdrive:

You can now embed KingSumo on non-Wordpress sites!

Award entries for specific actions by your contestants - including links & social follows

Easily duplicate giveaways so you can replicate your success over and over again!

Just about every other day of the year you’d have to fork over $594 for a KingSumo developer license. Which is a steal for doubling your email list on an unlimited number of websites with minimal effort.

But for this Black Friday only, you can get lifetime access to KingSumo for only 75% off!

Click on the KingSumo website link shown above for information about this product…

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