Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Docsify COUPON Discount Code @> Lifetime Access $671 Off Promo Special Offer Deal

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Make use of the temporary Docsify discount link above and get a special Lifetime Access $671 off your next purchase of Docsify by Docsify.net.

Take note that the deal listed here is valid for a short time only, and may expire at any time.

Just click the Red Banner Link above and it will direct you to the Docsify special offer page to get your limited-time only deal.

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Use Docsify to get in-depth email activity and increase sales

If your sales team is underperforming, you might think they’re wasting too much time in the Instagram explore tab.

And while that might be true, what’s really hindering their performance is focusing on the wrong prospects and low pay-off activities.

What they need is a tool that can uncover who’s worth their time and automate outreach.

Enter: Docsify.

Docsify is software for Gmail and G suite that performs in-depth email tracking so sales teams contact the right people, with the right pitch.

Knowing who to pitch to makes all the difference.

Docsify tells you who is interested in your proposal by giving you detailed information on email and document activity, allowing you to close deals faster.

Notifications on email activity will appear in both Gmail and in Docsify, so sales is always in the loop.

In addition to detailed information on document activity (like how long recipients spend on each page), Docsify allows you to do neat things with the document itself.

For example, you can:

Add attachments directly in the body and avoid the “I’m not seeing your attachment because I don’t know how to use a computer”

Make your proposal more professional and recognizable by adding corporate colors to your document

Integrate third party chat tools

Add tracking pixels to retarget prospects with Facebook or Google Adwords

Inside of the Docsify dashboard, you can prioritize prospects by activity types (e.g. document opens).

You can also use search filters (e.g. email subject) to find prospects quickly.

Click on the Docsify site link shown above to check out the salespage…

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