Friday, June 28, 2019

PUZZLE MAKER SUDOKU VARIATIONS SOFTWARE Coupon Discount Code @> $50 Off Promo Special Offer

“Create Incredibly Diverse Sudoku Puzzle Books That You Can Publish For Fun & Profit With This Incredible New Puzzle Publishing Software”

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Description : Puzzle Maker Sudoku Variations offers you 9 different types of sudokus in one module:

– Sudoku X (Get 1-9 on the diagonals as well)
– Sudoku Hyper (Four additional 3×3 boxes that need 1-9)
– Sudoku Twin (Two overlapping sudokus)
– Sudoku Triathlon (Three overlapping sudokus, 2 variations)
– Sudoku Marathon (Four overlapping sudokus)
– Sudoku Samurai (Five overlapping sudokus)
– Sudoku 12×12 (Use the numbers 1-12)
– Sudoku 16×16 (Use the numbers 1-16)
– Create single Sudoku puzzles or complete Sudoku puzzle books, which just one button click.

No effort at all.

Puzzle Maker Sudoku 9×9 Variations:

Mix these Sudoku X and Sudoku Hyper puzzles with your regular 9×9 Sudokus in a book, offering some variety to your customers.

Sudoku X needs 1-9 on the diagonals.

Sudoku Hyper has 4 additional boxes that need 1-9.

Puzzle Maker Sudoku Multidokus:

What’s in a name.

Sudoku Twins, Triathlon, Marathon and Samurai.

In other words: Two, Three, Four or Five overlapping Sudokus that need to be solved together.

Puzzle Maker Sudoku Variations is part of the Puzzle Maker Pro framework, giving you all kinds of additional options as well:

Set the output settings, like the folder and the pixel size of the images

Set the font, color, and line width (weight) for the sudokus

Save and use your own presets, allowing you to set up presets for different book types or series

Create 100’s of puzzles with one button-click

Create pages in bitmap format (jpg/png) or Powerpoint or PDF automatically

Automatically saved settings, so you can continue where you left off when you run the program again.

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