Friday, October 11, 2019

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Description : If you’ve been looking for a proven method, newbie-friendly method of making money online, while positioning yourself as a thought leader and authority in your market, there’s no better way than by creating an online course.

Online courses are a hot commodity.

Thousands of people are exchanging their knowledge for the cost of enrollment every day.
In fact, many people are generating 6-figures a year just from their online courses!

It should come as no surprise, right?

Think about how many online courses or guides you’ve personally used over the last year.

Perhaps you were stuck trying to figure out how to use a certain software program, and you found yourself scouring YouTube in search of videos from experts who taught you the best ways to master it quickly and efficiently.

This allowed you to minimize the learning curve while uncovering shortcuts and insider tips.

Or, maybe you’ve purchased books and how-to guides that provided a step-by-step action plan to accomplishing a goal, or helped you learn a new skill.

Either way, these are forms of online courses and they’re making their creators a lot of money.

If you have a marketable skill of any kind, you can easily create an online course that will make you money.

Whether you are experienced in graphic design, marketing, blogging, or you know a lot about specific hobbies like crafts, scrapbooking, woodworking or even knitting, there’s an audience waiting to purchase your course!

The need for instruction and in-depth personal guidance has created an amazing opportunity for anyone who is interested in generating a steady income online.

And don’t worry about whether people would be willing to pay for your knowledge or not – you’d be surprised at just how many courses are generating thousands of dollars a month that are in obscure markets or unusual niches.

People have a thirst for knowledge, especially when it comes from someone with personal experience with the topic. Offer that guidance to them and provide a way to avoid a complicated learning curve and they’ll be more than happy to pay you.

Other than updating content from time to time if it becomes outdated, you’ll be able to generate income from your online course with very little effort or maintenance required.

In fact, once you upload your course and launch your program, you can start making money immediately!

We’ve created hundreds of how to courses, books, audios and videos over the years, here’s basically what we do everytime (this doesn’t change)

1) Choose Your Topic (get the hook right)

2) Outline Your Course (what your students will learn)

3) Offer (your landing page, sales pages & funnel, pricing)

4) Backend (higher ticket items you can offer later)

5) Customer Acquisition (how you will get new students)

Once you’ve got that all worked out then you’ll want to automate everything as much as possible so you just set it up once and let it run hands free for you with minimal maintenance.

If you’re using a platform like ProductDyno you can set up these sites super fast and schedule content months ahead of schedule just with a few clicks.

Yesterday we mentioned how you could use Fixed Term Memberships or FTMs to ramp things up quickly.

Once you’ve built one site we guarantee you’ll want to build more of them and with ProductDyno you can.

And with ProductDyno you can even clone an existing site and just switch out the logos and content and you’re ready with the next site to start profiting from.

The revenue can mount up fast too!

Add just 1 person a day into a 6 month fixed term site charging $20 a month (a $120 total customer value) and at the end of the month you’ll be looking at an additional monthly income of $600 for the next 6 months.

Create just 3 new FTM sites over the next 3 months and add just one new member per site per day and you’ve probably just covered you mortgage and car payments every month.

Just rinse and repeat for more income 🙂

With ProductDyno it’s quick and it’s easy to build out these sites and so much more (it’s the perfect solution for anyone selling any kind of digital product)

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