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Description : My team and I have done the best we could to unveil our underground lead generation and monetization machine publicly for the first time in-order to help everyone during this challenging times…

So if you feel the high-level of earning potential built with DFY LeadFunnel won’t help your financial status NOW and AFTER this Pandemic Ends then we cannot be of so much benefit to you. Not because we don’t want to help you succeed online but because you’re NOT ready to become our next success story. Honestly, that’s the reality of things.

However, I want to proof it to you that for once you saw an automated income opportunity of $1880 per month and you rejected it.

Look at this case study;

Let’s say you activated the 50 done-for-you funnels and the 50 done-for-you monetization bonus pages afterwhich you started sharing them on several social media network among the 20 built-in.

Then on a Worst case scenario you are able to make 10 sales per week.

In 30 days, that would be 10 X 4 Weeks = 40 sales in a Month

Again, let’s assume worth scenario that your commission was only $47

Your profit in 30 days would be $1880 totally hands-free.

It doesn’t get realer than this. I am NOT one of those marketers who solely rely on launch profit to earn a living online so there’s no reason to promise you thousands of dollars that you may not achieve in 30 days. I am about to welcome you into my tribe so I have to build our business relationship on “Trust”. Whether you are a lazy fellow or even worse, DFY LeadFunnel will at least generate $1880 per month for you if you quickly activate your account now that you’re right in front of your PC. I can comfortably guarantee you $2k per month with this app.

You Would Have Gotten an automated $2k per month business if you’d activated your DFY LeadFunnel account by this time last month… So Closing this page without getting access to DFY LeadFunnel now is equal to you rejecting a GIFT of $2,000.

If you take this seriously, you will be well on your way to living the life of your dream by the end of this year…I am talking about being able to afford a trip to any part of the world, being able to afford the cars you have always wanted …or that house you want.

Like I said earlier, THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

… but think about it, if I walked up to you on a busy road and say, give me $37 and I’ll give you $2,000 in return

– what would you do

Yeah, it is a NO BRAINER right? It will be almost regrettable to pass over on an offer like that.

Which is exactly what you are doing if you don’t take this offer now.

No Recurring Fee –

DFY Lead Funnel is being offered at a special one-time super-low introductory price. But that’s going to change pretty soon.

Send out automated emails to your subscribers to

constantly stay in touch and build trust & confidence

This is a dream-come-true scenario for affiliate marketers.

Your life can change and those who used to look down on the whole idea of living the internet life of marketers and entrepreneurs would soon line-up for advice.

Be there first and make the most of this MASSIVE shift in the global markets.

And I’ll give you the road map to cash in BIG on this rare opportunity.

Let’s start…

Keeping that in mind, we have decided to offer DFY Lead Funnel at a low one-time fee for ONLY a short period.

Fast action takers would be able to get access to DFY Lead Funnel + the Special Bonuses for a one-time fee.

Once the timer hits zero – the price would be revised to a much higher recurring model.

This has been hardwired into the program i.e. it cannot be manually changed back to one-time price once the timer hits zero.

So, make sure you get access before that happens.

Providing High-value Bonuses is the key to bank in BIG commissions. Get access to

My team is known for “Game Changing” apps

that transform lives around the world!

This is the most powerful app ever created in online marketing… and I’d like to share it with you. Before you stick a minute longer I would like to show you how DFY LeadFunnel will help you start making affiliate commissions practically.

You see, I thought about those set of people who would read the entire sales letter to the end without clicking on the buy button when I was writing the sales copy.

No jokes, it really crossed my mind that there would be a percentage of visitors who would behave like that, no matter how little… and for a moment it struck me that there might be one reason why you would read the entire letter to this point without ACTIVATING your account on DFY LeadFunnel.

And that one reason is: You don’t believe this will make you thousands of dollars.  

I get it, and I totally understand your scepticism. 

You have seen tons and tons of ‘’make money’’ stuff online, and have had tons of people promise to show you how to make money online and right now you don’t believe all that talk anymore.

You may have even paid for a list building software, yet you haven’t seen much results online.

I totally get it.

… because I was once in your shoes.

So I get it when you feel like this is ‘’another of those big promises that won’t yield Results’’.

And this is why I am willing to throw in a huge 100% money back guarantee just for you to test drive my affiliate marketing money making machine for 30 days.

You see, I am so sure what I am about to hand you will make you money and this is why I want you to take EVERYTHING inside it, test drive it for 30 days – and if it doesn’t make you commissions, I’ll hand you back your money and apologise for wasting your time.

This means you have NO REASON at all to be afraid whether this will work for you or not, as you can always get your money back if it doesn’t. When you activate your account in DFY LeadFunnel, you are deploying the EXACT software that has transformed the lives of many people who were once struggling online into a new breed of top earning affiliates..

So you are 100% covered.


Get your lifetime access to DFY LeadFunnel Now

I must warn you, we would not allow you into the platform ANYMORE once you close this page without activating your account. This is because we can only accommodate a certain number of users at this one-time entry fee. We currently spend thousands of dollars to maintain the hosting of this cloud-base app, so we definitely cannot serve all the crowd at the one-time entry fee. So to make sure you beat the rush and make it into this income generating app, I advise you register now.

No Technical Skills Required –

It doesn’t matter if you are a computer wizard or you just got your first laptop as a gift. DFY Lead Funnel requires zero technical skills.

(Includes… Premium Reports Video Training and Software Products…not some crappy PLR Products)

Tried, Tested, & Proven – Maniacally Powerful Methods To GENERATE – NURTURE – MONETIZE Leads

Even this small price tag that you see on this page is fully backed by my personal 30-day money-back guarantee.

I have created this platform with the sole purpose of helping everyone achieve their long-held dreams and get through these rough times that we find ourselves in.

I want you to give DFY Lead Funnel a try without any risks. When you click the ‘Add to cart’ button on this page – you are doing so because you believe in my words and intelligence.

And so, to keep my end of the bargain – it’s only fair that I make you 100% comfortable and all the risk should be borne by me.

Try DFY Lead Funnel for 30 days and if for any reason you wish to return your purchase, just drop us a message at the Support Desk and we will initiate the refund instantly. No questions asked.

And you also get to keep the money that you would have made within that time period (which is going to be quite a lot).

This New Interactive Content Marketing Software Will Help You Generate Massive Engagements, Get More Leads & Make More Sales in Minutes.

Use Outreachr to instantly create highly interactive Quizzes, Video Pop-Ups, Surveys, Polls, Stories, Galleries & Personality Tests to 20X list building and sales conversion on your websites, blogs, & social media.

NOW You Have The Opportunity to Sell Outreachr As Your OWN Product And Keep 100% Profits.

You see…

…I am very grateful for all the good things in my life… a loving family, a nice home and a solid business.

And I wanted to show some gratitude by helping people reach their goals, especially in these rough times.

I want you to feel the adrenaline rush that I felt when I was able to achieve mine.

We all deserve to do well. And with thousands of online money-making opportunities – there’s plenty to go around.

I have been a product creator and seller for more than 10 years now.

With 20+ successful products under my belt, thousands of happy customers and over 5 Million dollars in online sales – I was sure I could turn the whole process into an easy-to-use software.

And that’s exactly what I did.

You don’t have to jump through any hoops.

After 13 weeks of fast-track work by my team of 39 hardworking professionals, we were able to combine various tools we use for our own business…into one powerful system and made it plug-n-play simple.

This system is designed to help you GENERATE – NURTURE – MONETIZE Leads from a SINGLE easy-to-use platform.

Before bringing it out – we let some of our loyal customers and marketing partners take it for a test-drive.

The Results They Got Were Simply ASTONISHING!!

Simply Pick-n-Use these fully-customizable

(with the built-in drag-n-drop editor):

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