Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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Description : Peter really goes above and beyond to deliver in this course for online creators. From mindset to making money to minute details about camera aperture, he covers all the bases. I feel like I can go back and revisit and take even more notes as I go along my creator journey online. I love that he features other professionals in the industry and gives plenty of resources ranging from budget-friendly to industry standard. Incredible!

I love the information so far! I was super happy to find out that the course was extremely discounted since I had wanted to take the course years ago, but am a teenager and couldn’t afford the full price. It felt good to be able to purchase this wonderful course with my own 11 dollars! 🙂

Anything and everything involved in a video can be very expensive. Jimmy will explain how to achieve a quality video with the funds and without.

I feel for the price (the one listed) the course is very well worth the money as it is easy to understand and very personable!

People want to be a part of your journey. The only way to do this is to be your genuine self. Once they see that a relatable person is creating something amazing they will be more invested.

There is no shame in copying what is currently working. There is a preconceived notion that everybody has; that it’s wrong to benefit from other people’s ideas. It’s okay to combine ideas and put them together to make them your own. Some of the most prominent influencers have found their success by copying other people.

The best way to learn about creating is to watch the way people run their own business online. Learn tools by completing exercises on how to apply their successes to your own business.

I had the opportunity to learn new things about the new model to build a career online. Also, I got a lot of enthusiasm by Peter Hollens. He is so appacionate with his teachings about making a career online in what we want. It’s hard and complicated, but here I found some tools.

Go behind the camera with Cinematographer Jimmy Bates. Learn the importance of framing, manipulation of light, what gear to buy, editing and exporting video, and even tips on how to create a compelling video when you’re just starting out.

Jackie, so thrilled to hear you are enjoying the course. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. The creator education community are some of the most welcoming people there are!

The remix strategy is broken up into three basic elements copying transforming and combining. If we take a look at Starwars; George Lucas copied, transformed, and combined different projects to make his film. Don’t let the “I have to be original” belief inhibit you from starting.

Mastering your audio is the last step before you are release ready. If you’re not confident in your mastering skills try to outsource to someone that has the experience to ensure your final product is the best it can be. If you are doing it yourself you need to use a limiter plugin to finalize your product.

Learn how you can take advantage of the power of Facebook — it has the most active users than any other website on the entire planet.

In December of 2017, Hollens launched his digital education platform, Creator Education. A robust, online education video series that teaches aspiring creators the key entrepreneurship skills and strategies needed to live their passion in the digital age. Hollens’ first course, How to Make a Living Online, has over 1,000 students and is also being taught at American Universities.

Never underestimate Analytics when it comes to creating online. It will show you exactly where the majority of the people lose interest which will allow you to adjust your future creations accordingly.

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