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Description : As articles shared on social media. If you host a group online, it helps to post information your readers want and need. Post your articles there with a link back to your blog.

1.             How to Make Your Small Business Internet-Selling Ready – Fast!

2.             What Are Information Products and How Do They Fit With Your Business?

3.             How Can Your Knowledge Help People Solve Their Problems?

4.             Rate Your Niche Potential: Where Do You Fit In?

5.             You Don’t Have a Company Website and You Need One Fast. What Now?

6.             You Do Have a Company Website but No One Can Find It. How to Fix This.

7.             What Types of Products Can ANY Business Owner Sell Online?

8.             How Can Your Physical Business Morph into an Online Selling Machine?

9.             What Systems Should You Put in Place to Start Selling Online?

10.           What’s the Best Way to Start Collecting Leads Online?

11.           You Need an Information Giveaway to Start Growing Your List. What Should It Be?

12.           You Need Constant Content for Your Website, Social Media and Email Marketing. Where to Get it On the Cheap?

13.           What About Affiliate Income? How Does That Work?

14.           How Should You Price the Info Products That You Sell Online?

15.           Package Your Offerings Around the Sentiments of the Day

As video tutorials – featuring you as the teacher, speaking about a topic. You can share the videos publicly to get known in your field. And you can also offer an upgrade option for people who may want a more in-depth learning experience.

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It is the year 2020… time to take full advantage of the flexible, affordable and technologically advanced methods available to take your profit potential into the internet age!

As PowerPoint presentations – slide by slide, file delivered via link in an email.

As video slide shows. One short blurb or tip per slide, set to music, with images, works great.

As blog posts or website articles. Posting a series on a single topic that you cover for a full month is a great way to get targeted readers. Share links to your blog on social as well!

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