Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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Vimeo, The Daily Mail, MindBodyGreen, Mercola…

Hell…even the National Football League itself!

What do these organizations have in common?

Their websites experienced massive losses in visibility at the hands of a Google broad core update.

Some people still think that when the king of search engines rolls out updates, it’s only the seedy offshore gambling or clickbait content sites that are affected.

This obviously isn’t the case at all.

The reality is that even Google themselves don’t know who will get affected when they tinker with their coveted algorithms.

While the NFL will be just fine, what about the rest of us?

Putting in time and effort to get a site up and ranking,

Only to have it slapped down for no good reason can not only be extremely frustrating…

It can be extremely costly when your traffic and revenue tank as a result.

MGYB knows our clients work too hard to gamble with their livelihoods or those of their clients.

That’s why we’ve developed the SEO Shield.

If ever there was a way to fortify your money site with rankings-boosting insulation, this is it.

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With the SEO Shield, you’re getting the best of both worlds:

Top-notch SEO power and protection from whatever Google may throw your way.

It’s a win-win.

Because one thing is certain:

The updates are gonna keep coming.

Not having a plan in place is equivalent to gambling with your site.

…just not in that sketchy offshore kind of way.

See how easy peace of mind for your money site can be.

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