Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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“Now You Too Can Get Your Knowledge Out to the World and Profit at the Same Time!”

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Description : As paper books became e-books and the opportunity to self-publish became real, I realized I could reach more people and earn more money with e-books. I kept over 90% of the profits when I sold them to my own list. I loved that sales could happen at any time, 24/7. I had more freedom to travel. I could write and publish whatever I wanted, rather than what my publisher approved of.

For less than the price of a new outfit or suit of clothes, you can invest in a program that will bring you financial benefit for years to come — and open up an outpouring of Knowledge from you to the world. Isn’t it worth it to learn as much as you possibly can in order to help yourself and your future customers?

Part 1 covers the 4 components of planning and shows you that research doesn’t need to take a long time or be difficult. You’ll get specific, step-by-step instructions.

Later on I’ll give you 3 reasons why online products are the best way to sell knowledge. Better than Amazon Kindle books. Better than live seminars. Better than coaching.

But first, I want to talk about what you might have experienced, because I’ve heard this a lot…

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A tool to research what people are searching for (keywords) so that you create a product people want and discover what to call it

This course is full of specific resources and suggestions to get you started — and finished — with ease.

Examples are:

Part 1 — PLAN: One of the reasons products don’t sell is that they seem valuable to the creator but not to customers. Whether it’s the content, title, or description, planning and research can solve this problem and ensure that people will want what you have to offer.

When I started creating my own online products, I also saw how I could really inspire people to change their lives. Yet I saw others struggle to write the right content and understand the technology of creating and selling a profitable online product. Other content-creation courses only told part of the story, so I decided to get my knowledge and experience out to the world.

Sources for content you can legally reuse so you don’t have to start

from scratch!

I told you I would explain the 3 reasons why creating and selling an online product is the best way to get your knowledge out to the world:

You will be able to plan your online product, create it, and then promote it with the thorough and step-by-step training I have included in How to Create and Sell a Profitable Online Product.

Part 3 — PROMOTE: Too many online business owners fall short when it comes to promotion. Maybe they just hate that part or they don’t know the available channels.

If you aren’t satisfied, let me know why within 30 days from purchase and we’ll refund your money. There’s no risk to try this product and you have a LOT to gain.

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