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MARKETPRESSO Coupon Discount Code @> 10% Off Promo Special Offer

“World’s First & Only Marketplace Builder That Gets You More Clients, Higher Amount Projects, Builds Your Authority & Kills The Competition… Simple Effortless Setup!!!”

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Description : Clearly, MarketPresso will make you more money than anything else on the planet by letting you sell all the services that you have to offer.

Once you create your world class services marketplace, the only thing that you will need help with is finding high paying clients.

Because simply “More Clients = More Revenue”.

We have developed this groundbreaking app that helps you find the EXACT contact details of businesses all over the world.

You will be able to find business name, phone number, email id & website of any business in any niche in any city or country all with a single click.

So now you have your own advanced marketplace plus you have a way to find high paying businesses & contact them easily. You don’t need anything else other than this to run a super profitable business.

Professionally crafted pages for all the categories/sub-categories.

Example – Graphic Designing is a category & Logo Designing is a sub-category.

Showcase associated services inside category/sub-category pages in a much elegant way.

It will make scrolling & finding services much easier for your customers. Letting them find & order your services at a breeze.

We have added a detailed training inside the member’s area on how to use the Smart LinkedIn filters to reach out to the target clients.

With LinkedIn you can filter professionals based on:

• Profession (Ex – CEO, Director, etc)

• Industry (Ex – Local business, IT, etc)

• Demographics (Ex – Location, etc)

• Current Company

• Etc

Plus, we will also give you the script of what to say to them when you reach out to these high ticket clients.

You will receive instant notifications for orders & chat messages.

This lets you take action fast.

Definitely, a conversion & trust booster for your business.

Inside your admin dashboard, you will find an easy to manage user management portal where you can see all the details about your customers.

This will help you identify your best customers & you can plan your marketing activities around them.

You would have already noticed that MarketPresso is critical to your success online.

With all the services that you have got to offer, MarketPresso is the only platform that you need to start selling those services & bank huge profits right from the word go.

You can setup your own full fledged services agency where you will build instant authority because of your own marketplace & sell your services at a higher price because of zero competition.

With MarketPresso you will be right on top of the huge $1 Trillion freelancing industry.

MarketPresso will keep you ahead of all the average freelancers. While they will still be fighting the dead battle amongst thousands of freelancers on the crowded platforms, you on the other hand will start minting huge money from your own marketplace.

Try MarketPresso risk free for 30 days now and we know you’ll love the results it will give you.

Start generating Huge Profits from this ever growing $1 Trillion Bank.

… and you will have the possibility of scaling your business to infinite limits.

Just 1 sale will get you the Investment back and anything you make on top of it is your sheer Profits.

You have nothing to lose, try MarketPresso risk free today for 30 days.

We look forward to hearing your success stories –

And we KNOW you are looking forward to your fully owned profitable marketplace.

Let’s do it together!!

Sitting at $1 Trillion, it contributes almost 5% of the overall U.S Economy. More than the “Construction” & “Transportation” industry.

“MarketPresso” being the ONLY Freelance Marketplace Builder on the planet will give you the EXACT powerful cutting edge over any other freelancer.

Customers will feel supremely confident in buying from you rather than any normal freelancer.

Allowing you to charge more, keep more & generate maximum amount of profits as possible.

The famous freelancing websites never share the buyer details with you.

Hence always keeping you dependent on them for the orders.

In other words, you are building their business not your business.

With your own marketplace, you will own the buyers list.

I am sure you must have heard that “Money is in the list”.

This simple thing will keep on bringing recurring orders for you.

We integrate with the leading payment platforms – Paypal & Stripe.

Plus, we are adding more payment methods in the roadmap ahead.

These were some of the key concerns I found from my audience, and I thought what if there was a platform where I could create a professional branded marketplace, display all my work, list down all my services, have an authoritative profile page, add customer reviews, connect my payment methods, sell without competition, charge whatever price, manage my customers & run everything on my domain so it creates instant authority & sets me miles apart from normal freelancers.

Get orders worldwide because of our instant 1-click language translation feature.

Pretty cool feature to give your marketplace a worldwide appeal.

Showcase your offered services in a beautiful image/video slider that gives your customers a great idea of the services you are offering.

Plus, our free flow text editor lets you add a great description for your services.

The DUAL Impact of the slider & text leads to super high conversions from this page.

The world’s first & only marketplace builder helps you scale your revenue by getting you more clients, bagging more service orders, getting more higher value projects, builds your authority as a service provider, kills the competition & helps you charge higher prices for your services.

Get in touch with the Freelancers on Fiverr/Upwork by simply messaging them.

Tell them you will bring orders to them, without telling them how.

List their services into your marketplace for $400-$500 each & pay them the nominal amount that they were asking for in Fiverr.

You being the middleman will keep 100% profits without even touching the job.

And of course, you being a serious marketplace owner, the orders will keep on increasing in your marketplace.

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