Friday, May 1, 2020

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Description : WP Reset is a WordPress plugin that collectively installs themes and plugins, resets defaults, and creates snapshots to restore your website.

WP Reset lets you restore everything to default values without reinstalling WordPress or doing it all manually.

You can even reset or delete select portions of your site to debug or streamline in record time, including removing all those unused widgets that are slowing you down.

Get rid of all those pesky theme options and old content for a super fast rebrand.

Do a complete reset of your site in seconds, not hours!

Now that your site is all squeaky clean, it’s time to dress it up how you’ve always imagined.

Set up a development environment with Collections, a feature that lets you create a set of plugins and themes to bulk-install and activate from the cloud.

There’s no wandering around the WP store looking for your favorites, since you’ll have a set ready-made for any site.

WP developers will love how easy it is to get the design right, every time.

Use Collections to make a set of your favorite plugins and themes for quick installation!

WP Reset is also prepared for life’s little whoopsie-daisies (or big whoopsie-daisies, depending on who you ask).

Take a Snapshot of the site to store a copy of the current version.

That way, you can easily return to a previous version of your site if clients are unhappy with changes or you simply liked your old version better.

You can also automate the saving process by letting WP Reset take a Snapshot depending on certain actions or time intervals.

These Snapshots are stored in WP Reset Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, or pCloud, so you’ll always have a copy waiting for you.

Create a Snapshot to easily return to a previous version of your site, then store copies in the cloud for guaranteed access.

Okay, so your site has been hacked, infected with malware, or the dreaded white screen of doom.

No need to panic.

Even if you can’t access your site admin, you can use WP Reset’s Emergency Recovery Script to reclaim your website.

Plus, you can recover a client site if you’ve already installed the plugin. (Not all heroes wear capes.)

Use the Emergency Recovery Script to completely restore your site, even from the white screen of doom!

The Dashboard is the central hub where you can control client licenses, sites, Collections, and Snapshots.

Introduce a new site, block sites from using the WP Reset plugin, or enable white-labeling for one client but not another.

It’s all right there for your convenience.

Control your Snapshots, Collections, client licenses, and more right from the Dashboard!

Sometimes instead of fixing something, you just need a do-over (case in point: the last season of Game of Thrones).

Whether excess plugins are slowing down your WordPress or you just want to rebrand your website, you need a tool you can depend on.

WP Reset makes it easy to rebuild your site from the ground up, and stores copies in the cloud so you’re prepared for the worst.

Get lifetime access today!

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