Tuesday, September 15, 2020

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“Finally Recover Fast From The Global Pandemic By Selling Stock Assets To Any Online Business… And Ensure They Avoid Legal Action By Not Using Copyrighted Photos (Or Even Videos Without Owner Permission!)!”

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Description : Just because an image or even a photo appears through a Google search, doesn’t mean it’s a free photo that you can just willingly use for any purpose. This could even be a catastrophic mistake for your business.

If it’s copyrighted (and many of these images are!), you could be sued and effectively put out of business, especially if you use them without prior permission!

In fact, don’t just take our word: That’s exactly what popular British Singer “Ed Sheran” found out the hard way… Check out this 2-minute video to prove our point on how he was unfortunately Sued for $20 Million in ‘Photograph’ Copyright Infringement

Look… If a BIG tech giant like Microsoft can get sued… then no one is safe!

Listen Up: People are now in a DESPERATE STATE OF MIND! And BIG companies are Now Sadly Not The Only Target…

A well known drop shipper was sued $40,000 for breaking copyright laws on one of his dropshipping stores!

With that all said and with these well known issues proven…

How Would You Like To Make Some Serious Income Saving Small Businesses From Copyright Lawsuits With Just A Few Minutes Worth of Work?

Do You know How Much You Could Charge For Many Of These CopyRight Free Stock Assets?

Take For Instance Beth…

Who runs HandCraft Films, and makes a HEALTHY living selling stock media… Here’s what she made in residual passive income from just one of her video assets in only a year…

Just like Beth, did you know that thousands of people are making a full-time income selling images and videos on stock websites such as shutterstock and Adobe?

This is as close to passive monthly income as you’ll ever get – just post your content, tag it, and leave it to start earning for you almost instantly in many cases…

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