Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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“ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Powered Breakthrough Technology Helps You Generate Laser-Targeted Leads, Segment Your List, Pitch The Right Offers And Get You Repeat Sales”

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Description : Simply paste in a snippet of code on your website, download it in HTML or just share a URL to instantly add SurveyChimp to ANY site, page or even social media you want.

Businesses and marketers have been using tens of different tools to monitor their markets, niches and competitors.

You must also stop asking your suppliers, your manufacturers, your developers, your legal team, and more for inputs to help you grow your business…

…and focus on the ONE GROUP that matters the most – Your Customers.

They are the people who are actually going to buy your product.

Surveying should be a regular part of your and every businesses’ strategy.

Each time you have a question about your products or customers, don’t rely on intuition.

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Now your offline & online customers and audience can simply scan QR codes with their smartphones or tablets to open and take your survey.

Use these to get instant feedback from your customers.

Have the customers take the survey right then and there while the experience is still fresh in their minds. It’s a great way to get more feedback right on the spot and with minimal effort or resources.

Run an offline business? Post a QR code on receipts, menus, or on your product packaging.

You can use these for:

Work Less. Spend Less. EARN MORE!

SurveyChimp Helps You Quickly Turn Cold Traffic

Into Hot-Leads & Skyrocket Sales

Easily track and retarget your visitors who did not complete your surveys by adding retargeting codes in just 1-Click.

SurveyChimp boosts conversions, leads and sales WITHOUT the need to increase resources, hiring staff, or shelling out monthly fees for sophisticated platforms.

Now, as any sensible marketer would tell you…

That’s not how a business is run.

Meet your customers and audience where they already are.

With over 1.3 billion monthly active users… SurveyChimp takes you to the future of marketing by helping you run surveys directly inside Facebook Messenger.

Research shows that 9 out of 10 people enjoy taking a survey in the app.

With SurveyChimp’s Facebook Messenger enabled surveys…

…your audience and customers can now complete your survey right in their Messenger app.

In fact, your survey will look just like a direct message — and it’ll feel just like a conversation where they’re responding to a few quick questions.

Use Intelligent surveys that you can now easily and quickly build with SurveyChimp to:

Now create as many survey campaigns for your business or for your clients without needing to upgrade.

Run & Sell as many surveys as you want and make as much as profits as you can.

SurveyChimp is the first software in its class on JVZoo, that now provides marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs with advanced technology used by the BIG players in the world.

We have successfully combined 24/7 MONITORING with MACHINE LEARNING ALGORITHMS…

… to help you Protect Your Brand, Analyze Your Audience Opinions, And Connect With Your Potential Customers.

Powered By A.I. SurveyChimp’s Sentiment Analysis feature helps you quickly find positive, negative and neutral mentions about your business, competitors or any keyword you want.

BIG players (and now you too…) regularly use Sentiment Analysis to:

Keeping these trends in mind – we made SurveyChimp fully mobile responsive.

Not only can your audience take your surveys on their smartphones…

… you too can create surveys on-the-fly.

Create & run UNLIMITED Intelligent Surveys on websites, landing Pages, eCom stores and even social media networks!

This AI Powered feature analyses all the words and phrases in the survey and can recognise if it is positive, negative or neutral.

This helps you really understand how your respondents feel about your products and/or services.

Run Regular Surveys. Voice Surveys. Schedule Surveys. Social Media Surveys and a lot more…

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