Thursday, May 25, 2017

Vyper Viral Leaderboards Discount : Lifetime $311 Off Promo Special Offer Deal

Today's marketing communications offer was just posted on the IM Coupons web-site. You'll find more details about this by visiting the hyperlink listed below. Hopefully you love this most recently released addition, and I appreciate you encouraging all of our work! Thank you.

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Take advantage of the special Vyper Viral Leaderboards special offer deal link above and save Lifetime $311 off your next purchase of Vyper Viral Leaderboards by

Remember that the deal listed here is available for a limited time only, and may expire at any given time.

Just click the Red Banner Link above and it will direct you to the Vyper Viral Leaderboards special offer page so you can grab your special offer price.

* If you find that this deal has concluded, then please make use of the search box towards the top of this page to discover fresh promotions and discount bargains for this item.

Emails Collected: 7,000+

Instagram Followers: 850+

Facebook Group Members: 350+


The first Vyper contest we ever ran generated 7,000 emails and 7,000 new social media followers. No hype.

About to launch a new product? Use our leaderboard as a waiting list to give priority access to the highest ranked.

Secure access now otherwise when the timer hits Zero you will be paying $29 A Month to access VYPER!

If you're looking for a faster way to grow your email list you need to this read this page carefully!

Your contestants get more entries by sharing your contest, referring you more emails, following you on social media, and taking other actions that you choose.

World-famous Foundr magazine ran a Vyper leaderboard this month and got over 10k subscribers.

What is Viral Leaderboard Lite?

Viral Leaderboard Lite offers unlimited Leaderboard contests, CSV export, mail integration, cheater detection, winner draw and confirmation emails to everyone who has opted into your contest. With the Lite plan you can collects up to 10,000 fresh leads a month. There is some VYPER branding on your competition pages.

How does your system prevent contestants from cheating the system?

We have a proprietary cheating algorithm that detects cheaters and prevents them from being chosen when you go to pick the winners. We don't reveal our algorithm publicly, because if we did it would make it that much easier to game our system. We pride ourselves in being one of the most advanced cheating detection systems for contest software out there.

Do you integrate with X mailing list provider?

Currently we integrate with Mailchimp, Aweber, ConvertKit and Drip. You can also export to CSV after your contest is over, which we recommend. We're working on an ActiveCampaign integration.

How does a contest look on mobile?

In this day and age, mobile has to be a priority. Our contests look amazing on mobile!

Can Viral Leaderboard help me get Facebook, Instagram and other social media followers?

Yes! After a contestant enters they're given the option to like or follow your social media pages. It's actually one of the smartest way to grow your following.

Does this work even if I have zero audience?

Viral contests work no matter your audience size. If you have no audience, you just have to get creative with how you initially "seed" your contest. In our blog we go in-depth with how you can seed your contest list and see the viral growth.

Click on the Vyper Viral Leaderboards site link shown above to check out the salespage…


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