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Warlord Case Study Coupon Discount Code > 20% Off Promo Deal

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Use the temporary Warlord Case Study discount code above and save 20% off your subscription of Warlord Case Study by Steven Alvey, Warlord Marketing.

Remember that the special offer listed here is valid for a limited time only, and may expire without notice.

Simply click the Red Banner Link you see above to reveal and copy your Warlord Case Study promo code and use it for your special offer price.

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So what did I do? I went down the typical road. The one you’ve probably been down. The one where you’re supposed to “build your list” with lead magnets and freebies and solo ads and forum posts, and - well, you get the idea. I poured myself into that and built a sizeable list (around 600) in a matter of a couple weeks. I had an autoresponder sequence set up with products to promote.

Now don’t go telling everybody this, but as great as the Warlord Case Study and all the other components and bonuses I’m offering today are, I think this one page document is infinitely more valuable than everything else on this page put together. Now I want to repeat: all of the revenue I’ve generated online, to the tune of six-figures in just over a year, has been either directly or indirectly linked to this one decision.

More recently, after being frustrated with several low-quality PLR and White Label solutions, we've turned our attention to developing the highest-quality, value-packed PLR product line in the industry: Viking PLR.

I'm also giving you a ton of fast action bonuses to help you launch your product including:

Product launch anatomy, a six video course on what goes into your first product launch.

Most importantly, you're getting  The One Decision. This Top Secret One-Page Document reveals the one thing I did back in 2016 when I was completely broke, barely keeping my family afloat on the previous year’s tax returns, that took me from zero dollars online to to hitting six-figures within about 14 months.

Why? Well guess what a list full of freebie seekers will buy: nothing!

How a Dirt-Poor Combat Vet Generated $20,168 and a 646-Person  Buyer List in Two Weeks (on His First Launch...)

And last but not least, once you finally launch your product and build a buyers list, you’re going to have an online business that you need to grow and maintain. To help you do this, we’re giving you full lifetime access to Polonius Academy, an incredible eCampus of over 200 video lessons on running your online business.

The sample launch campaign, a 3-part recorded interview and coaching session between a world-famous internet marketer and a product launch newbie.

But guess what. Almost nobody opened those emails and nobody bought anything.

And with your permission, I’d like to show you exactly how I did it...

In the Warlord Case Study, I take you through every aspect of launching your own product and building a buyers list. Nothing is left out.

Everything from the conception and branding of the product to the creation of the sales funnel, to watching the sales trickle in during launch week. Most importantly, we cover every single detail of building an epic JV Page and every step of finding, recruiting, and motivating an army of affiliates so you can drive a ton of traffic to your offer without spending a penny on paid advertising. And finally, here’s something most marketers never do. The final chapter catalogues every single mistake we made along the way and how you can avoid them.

I turned my situation around and finally succeeded in October of 2016.

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