Monday, January 27, 2020

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“Keep An Eye On Your Website With 24/7 Performance Monitoring!”

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Description : Hexometer is a website monitoring tool that continuously tracks and measures over 2,800 data points to boost your web performance.

Hexometer periodically scans 2,800+ data points for any signs of a problem or anomaly (e.g. issues with your router or routine maintenance periods).

In the case that disaster strikes, Hexometer comes through in the clutch with a list of tips, tricks, and tasks to get your site back up and running.

Oh, and it doesn’t just keep a lookout, it tracks everything and puts all your website monitoring data right where you can see it—in its user-friendly dashboard.

Get visibility into critical performance metrics and spend less time troubleshooting and more time growing your business.

Track uptime, response time, server health and other metrics in Hexometer’s user-friendly dashboard.

There’s no need (or time) to manually check that everything on your site is running the way it’s supposed to.

Hexometer’s task feature automatically creates ‘tasks’ triggered by issues or events detected on your website (like broken links or general issues with the page). Then, it shows you how to fix them.

Once the system detects the issue is fixed during the next website scan, it automatically marks the task as resolved.

Hexometer’s automated task feature tells you what to you improve, and how to do it.

Using AI technology, Hexometer makes sure your digital assets, like, web page loading speed, HTTP response codes, page assets, tech stack, DNS records, etc. are in working condition.

Monitor URL performance to make sure that your site delivers an error-free and smooth user experience, with a detailed breakdown of URL structure grouped by HTTP response codes.

Track uptime, downtime, and response times right in the dashboard.

HTTP monitoring ensures that your site is reachable and serving the right information, at the right time.

If an issue comes up or your website goes down, you’re going to want to be the first to know.

Hexometer tracks all alerts on your website and sends you real-time notifications via email, SMS, push, or voice the second an issue arises.

Get real-time alerts via email, SMS or push if your site goes down.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But if it is, Hexometer’s Broken Link Repair plugin acts quickly to get the broken links list from the dashboard to disable (or “unlink”) them before the page loads.

This way, you don’t upset your site visitors by hitting them with the ‘404 — page not found’ error.

Stay on top of outages and get to the root cause of server issues in seconds.

Monitor and easily repair broken links on your WordPress website.

If your business was a brick and mortar, you wouldn’t let it get messy with trash and clutter, and you wouldn’t close up shop during regular business hours without warning.

You’d keep it clean, organized, and give your visitors the best experience.

So, why not do the same for your website?

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