Sunday, January 5, 2020

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“A stylish social media plugin for easy content sharing.”

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Description : Social Snap is a WordPress plugin that lets you easily customize the style, color, and animations of over 30 social network buttons for your site.

Social Snap has all the social networks you could ever need.

You’ll get over 30 options to choose from, meaning you can cater to your users and boost engagement.

Plus, you’ll get full control over which networks appear on which devices, so you can target specific users in their preferred platform.

Over 30 social networks to choose from!

You’ve already got great site design, and social networking buttons should only emphasize your style.

Customize the shape, color, and position of the buttons to optimize your share counts.

You can even pick the animations for when and how they display, including handy hideaway options that pop up on mouse hover.

Quickly customize the shape, color, and position of the social share buttons.

Let the world know how awesome you are with individual and total share counters.

And don’t worry about losing those precious shares if you change permalinks. Share Count Recovery will remember exactly how many you had (like Rain Man for your WordPress site).

You’ve got full control over when and where the counters appear, too, so you can pick the perfect moment to flex.

Share Recovery means that you won’t have to start back at zero if you change permalinks.

Now that it’s super easy for everyone to share your content, you need to make sure it’s looking good.

Meta tags let you change how your posts look on social media, from the descriptions to the images. New network, new outfit. You get it.

Then track your social media engagement with advanced statistics that let you showcase your top content, increasing shares even more!

Insightful statistics let you see how well your social media strategy is performing.

Social Snap also comes with a full set of tools to up your social media game.

Share your latest content or boost your old posts by automatically posting them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

And a Click to Tweet widget gives users every excuse to put your content out in the world.

Plus, social login buttons let users access their account right from your site, lowering the barrier to sharing even further.

The Click to Tweet widget makes sharing super easy!

Social media strategy starts with having social media buttons (since we’ve all got like 6 accounts, anyway).

Mismatched buttons tacked awkwardly on your snazzy WordPress site is as bad as sticking gum drops on your peacoat (it’s okay on gingerbread men).

Make sharing your content a cinch without cramping your style.

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