Sunday, March 29, 2020

MECONOMY Coupon Discount Code @> $100 Off Promo Special Offer

“Live Your Best Life, Make More Money & Have Absolute Freedom… That Is What The Meconomy Revolution Is All About!!”

Just use this Meconomy Coupon Discount Code and for a limited time save $100 on Meconomy by Angela Wills, Laptop Lifestyle University. Details below…

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Description : I’ve been blessed to know you since your very early days in business and you’ve never failed to shift and adapt when the situation called for it and that’s why you’re going to rock every goal you set for yourself. Keep on inspiring it all.

She looked at her son Hayden’s cute little face and decided she didn’t want to ever leave his side! Since then Angela has made online profits in no less than seven effective business models. She’s a consistent six figure earner who’s passionate about helping more women become the independent, fierce business leaders she knows they can be. 

When you create your MEconomy you create your own freedom. This is truly a revolution. You will be one of the NEW workers, the person who lives life freely and earns money on their own terms. 

Yes! Can you believe it? I charge $97 per month MINIMUM just for coaching and that’s only to my membership. Normally it’s $297/month! That is a total value of almost $900 just for the coaching you get included with this course.

Your words send a message with every stroke of the keyboard. Being purposeful with the use of what you say it’s so key to attracting your perfect customers and clients. In this module we’ll focus on one simple copywriting formula for ALL your marketing. You won’t need to buy thousand dollar courses for each type of marketing medium… use this method anywhere you create content to relay a message and you’ll be creating content designed to inspire, connect and make SALES!

And now you realize you can’t spend your way to a successful business! BUT what CAN you do?! 

As a beginner I needed lots of help and guidance along the way and Angela was there to provide it. She led me through the entire process with patience and persistence until I finally had a finished product. Thank you Angela.

Lessons included: 1) Simple, natural copy you can use anywhere, 2) Creating connections with your peeps that will make them LOVE you, 3) Using copywriting tools & templates to make it EASY to create offers, 4) Types of creatives to use in your marketing and how to create them

Before I jumped in to Angela’s MEconomy I spent a lot of time researching software – hey, it’s what I do (and I’m good at it)! I knew I needed to take the next step with a better way to sell online. With the MEConomy training and Angela’s support it was easier to just make the decision, so I could move forward finally. I choose a solid software program, got it set up and now I’m making sales! It’s a fantastic feeling to know I’m ready to serve the people who need me most. Love the hands-on training and deep dives, I recommend this course!

“Angela is so good at breaking everything down into simple, actionable steps”

Yes, absolutely! I will be recording the trainings, posting them shortly after they are hosted live and giving you a menu of lessons within the video to skip to the sections you need. Even if you can’t make it live you can 100% receive all the value from the course by watching replays (on high speed if you like), doing the assignments and using the coaching included! 

You’ll also get a customer special pricing on additional coaching offers for the program. 

You just want to serve your peeps with your business! I get you! I got you! We can turn this around with a few mindset shifts, a supportive environment and the right answers to the questions you have NOW.

Here’s what it’s worth to me: everything.

Every day I wake up knowing that I am my own person. Every day I get to decide what brings me joy. Every day I know I can pause my business at a moment’s notice to be there for my family. Those things are absolutely pricesless to me. I spent years and tears building that and if there’s one thing I want for you it’s to reach there faster than I did and I’m committed to helping you do so!

I’m so grateful to have worked with Angela for one-on-one coaching as she does not hold back or tell you what you want to hear. She has a special twist to make you understand  what you need to understand in a way that makes you want to move mountains! She’s a knowledgeable go-getter who encourages you to take action time and again! Since our work together, I feel more confidence, clarity and have a greater sense of direction for my business than ever before. Thank you, Angela!

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