Saturday, March 28, 2020

PROVELY Coupon Discount Code @> Ultimate Annual $30 Off Promo Special Offer

“New Social Proof Hack Boosts Conversion Rates By Over 250%!”

Redeem this Provely Discount Coupon Code and before it expires, you will save Ultimate Annual $30 on Provely from Mark Thompson, Matt Callen, Digital Kickstart. More info below…

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Description : Have you ever felt the urge to do something because one of your friends did it?

Or have you ever bought something just because you saw a bunch of others purchasing it?

Ever chose a new restaurant over another because it was full of people while the other was full of empty seats?

It’s normal. I do it all the time, if I’m being totally honest with myself.

There’s a reason why we as people do the things we do, buy the things we buy, say the things we say.

The thing is, everyone of us has been influenced by this strategy…and you may not of even known.

It’s called “the fear of missing out”.

That’s what this tool of ours leverages to inject into your sales and marketing.

We created a video where we explain how we’re using this psychological strategy in our app, Provely, to increase our sales and get more signups to lead magnets, webinars, and more!

I’m sure you’ve seen other similar tools, however I bet you haven’t seen a tool this affordable!

While others tools have similar functionality, I bet you won’t find their price to be as competitive as Provely.

You can easily burn through $100-$300/mo with other tools with similar functionality

While with Provely, you can get your YEARLY license for less than one you would pay MONTHLY for the other guys.

Go and grab your Provely account before SUNDAY night.

Don’t forget to use coupon code “30annual” to get $30 off each year (Annual Ultimate plan) you use the tool.

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