Sunday, August 16, 2020

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Description : Hey this is Brett Rutecky along with my partner, Mike From Maine.

As you may know, Mike and I both send a lot

of emails in our online businesses.

Because email is the BEST way to get your message out, build relationships, and ultimately make sales.

When I first started online, I did what most other marketers did: used a BIG NAME autoresponder.

Not only will you get better results and make more money

[because people actually GET your emails]…

You can save hundreds to thousands every year in fees!

I hadn’t done anything wrong and was playing by the rules.

But that didn’t matter, and for no reason… I was no longer able to send emails.

I found out later that random autoresponder account shutdowns are VERY common in digital marketing

Overnight, people went from running profitable companies to losing their business.

Because if you’re an online marketer and can’t send emails… YOU’RE OUT OF BUSINESS!

So I took my subscriber list and went to ANOTHER big name autoresponder.

But after importing my leads I instantly realized:

30% Of My

Subscribers VANISHED After Importing To The New Service

Turns out that LOSING a big chunk of subscribers can happen all the time when changing autoresponders

After accepting the fact that I’d just lost almost ONE THIRD of my potential email profits…

I got back to sending emails & growing my business.

And once again, things started off fine:

Within a few days, the platform had PARTIALLY solved the delivery issue, but things were never the same.

My open rates never recovered and I was losing touch with my subscribers.

After nagging my autoresponder’s support team for about the 100th time…

They admitted to having a problem on their end due to blacklisted IPs from a spammer sending out bad emails.

That was it, I was DONE with big name autoresponders, the high-priced monthly fees, and the LOUSY email delivery.

But I still needed a way to send emails.

His income has increased by 27% from when he used 3rd party autoresponders

He’s saved $1000s in recurring fees

He’s getting 100% email deliverability for EVER promo he sends

Things started off fine with the 1st autoresponder.

Happy subscribers, zero spam complaints.

In the last couple years a LOT of cloud-based, low-cost autoresponders have been released.

They LOOKED good: no restrictions on what you mail, no monthly fees, no problems importing lists …

But I’d been burned TWICE already.

So I took a closer look at some of these softwares… and found some red flags:

With HIGH open & click rates… Record low bounce rates and ZERO complaints…

Subscribers Were Happy …

Business Was Profitable And Life Was GREAT!

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