Thursday, December 22, 2016

LiveSuitePro Earlybird Discount Coupon Code : 10% Off Promo Deal

A brand new addition was just submitted on the IM Coupons daily specials section. You should check out the full specifics relating to this update by simply clicking the url further down. More updates just around the corner when ever time will allow

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Today i wanted to talk of a 6 letter word which Marketers normally forget about. Its called ‘CHANGE‘

An Year in Digital marketing is like a Decade of Marketing, Things change so fast.

In 2016 end, we noticed the biggest change in Social Media Marketing.

They have started calling it >> LIVEERA

The focus of world shifted to more Live Things… Snapchat, then Facebook and now Instagram…

Facebook Live is the biggest thing to look forward to in 2017

But there have been lots of limitation with Facebook Live until now :

>> Live Suite Pro, the new Modern Marketers Friend is coming out.. This will help you dominate ‘CHANGE’

Live Suite Pro lets you do a number of things ranging from

1. Show Live Reactions: Live User Reactions inside FB Live to Generate Huge Excitement

2. Auto Message: Send Auto Set Message On Every Comment

3. Live Scheduler: Schedule Live Videos with Custom Profile Pic

4. Share your Live Video in Unlimited Groups and Pages with one Click

5. Use Tickers to Increase Engagement In Fb Live (25 Templates)

6. 10 Premium Live Video Placeholder Templates to boost video aesthetics

7. Mobile App: Handle Live Suite Pro from Mobile

8. Complete FB Live Video Analytics

and many more features…..

Click on the LiveSuitePro Earlybird website link shown above for information on this product…


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