Wednesday, December 21, 2016

YTCockpit Discount >> 57% Off Promo Special Offer Deal

A brand-new addition was just posted to the IM Coupons daily promotions category. You should check out the full details on this update by going to the hyperlink further down. Extra updates out soon whenever time will allow

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Get your temporary YTCockpit promo link above and save yourself 57% off your purchase of YTCockpit by SwissMadeMarketing.

Remember that the special offer listed here is available for a short time only, and may expire without notice.

Just click the Red Banner Link you see above and you will be brought to the YTCockpit discount page to get your discounted subscription.

*If the bargain given above has ended, simply use the search box up above to see the most recent available deals, discounts and bargains for this particular item.

You can do keyword research on Youtube...finally!

Forget Going Viral, Create a Process to Consistently Grow Your Audience

Some videos go viral out of sheer brilliance. If you feel intimidated by that, don't worry.

You don't need crazy creative juices to rank higher on Youtube.

What you need is a repeatable process that you can use everytime you create video content for Youtube that can consistently give you a solid number of views.

Start with Looking for Popular Keywords

YTCockpit allows you to find keywords with a respectable amount of search volume.

It also tells you how easy or difficult it is to rank for those keywords depending on the existing competition.

You can see the minimum and maximum number of views on the first search results page.

You can plan your contents and your tagging according to keywords that people are already searching for.

Get Real-Data Fast

YTCockpit has the power to analyze hundreds of videos per minute.

Gathering data from Youtube Suggest and Google Adwords, YTCockpit delivers your search results fast and reliable.

You will get information on your competition from the first page of Youtube for the top 20 ranking videos automatically for every keyword idea found.

Sort and filter relevant information as you need.

Organic or Paid Traffic on Youtube? Why not both?

If you have been sticking to organic traffic because you don't have the money to invest in Google Adwords, this is a good news for you.

With TrueView video format (those are the video ads that stream before your actual Youtube video), you only pay for engaged views not random video impressions. This means that your audience should have watched your video at a specific length or you will not be charged.

You can customize these videos and run different length ads. You will also have a broad reach. According to Google, "Your ads will apear on both YouTube and other publisher sites in the Display Network for desktop computers and high-end mobile devices.

Click on the YTCockpit website link shown above to get more information on this product…


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