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Bloggers Roadmap 2017 Coupon Discount Code > 20% Off Promo Deal

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Instead of doing what every so called expert blogger told me to do, or try to do what every so called traffic expert told me to do. I stuck with my own formula which I have been working with for over 12 months to complete success. I now see results such as:

Blogging can be so much more than an expression of your interests in your chosen subject. Blogging can be a gateway to an income. Your blog can be utilized as a tool for creating an income and easily become a full time business.

Why make that sickening trek to work everyday through the rush hour traffic, buying coffee because you can't stay awake, dealing with people you don't want to talk to and being nice to your boss because you have to. Is this really what you want?

Or do you have a dream like I did?

Why do all of this when you can start your own blog or blog empire and create an income your boss could only dream of. Your dream is only a step away! Seriously it can happen for you and it can happen today. All you need to do is want it enough to start. You don't have to leave your current job, you can start a blog at home in your spare time for only a few hours per week.

Getting Started  is The Vital Step to Greatness

Right now you may be thinking that starting a blog sounds like a great idea. You can build your business, create raving fans, monetize and reap the rewards. But what the heck can you blog about?

Choosing a topic and remaining specific can be hard, but I want to help you with your blogging success. By choosing a specific niche and making that niche your topic allows for:


My methods were starting to pay off and I was finally seeing some progress from my blog. My knowledge was expanding and so was the following I had. People were visiting and even starting to comment.

Don’t get me wrong here, I wasn’t grabbing 100’s of hits per day not by any stretch, but I was getting traffic and I was buzzing with excitement. I can’t explain that feeling you get when you finally start to see results from your own blog creation. It really is amazing!


Blogging Can Lead To So Much More... Including Massive Product and Affiliate Sales.

I’m sure you know the feeling. You spend a full day even two or three days creating the best post you have even written. You hit the submit button and you wait for the comments and traffic to come. But they never do, no matter how long you wait or how many posts you write they still don't come!

At this point you start to analyze your blog, thinking about what is actually wrong? You look at your content “It’s fine”, you look at your blog layout “it looks ok” You check your monetizing “ads look great” You ask yourself what’s wrong but you don’t have the answers.

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