Monday, June 5, 2017

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Our most recent update has recently been uploaded to the IM Coupons homepage. It's likely you have been longing for this for quite a while, and therefore it's finally here. There's the full entry presented with the weblink listed below. Enjoy!

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Get your limited-time only AdLab Mastermind offer deal code above and save $297.05 off your purchase of AdLab Mastermind by Ben Adkins, Fearless Social.

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I'm getting ready to hope on a flight from Raleigh NC to Memphis. I spoke this weekend at an event here in North Carolina and it was eye opening.

Most of the people that I met that haven't quite "made it" have two things in common. (and it's not that they don't take action).

Most of them need 2 things...

Focus and a Mentor.

Does that sound Familiar?

If it does... and you'd like to break through in the 2nd half of 2017... and you'd like to do it by helping small business owners grow using Facebook....

This is your opportunity.

I'm going to help you get your first 5 clients and knock it out of the park for them.

How am I going to do that?

On Tuesday, I'm doing session 1 of an Immersion training called "Your First 5 Clients".

We've got 15 Spots Left...

When the training is over you're going to know exactly how to:

Create a Facebook Lead Generation Business that easy to run and can be handled from a coffeeshop. (from nothing you can set this all up in a few days and start growing it immediately)

Create, Run, and Dial in a Facebook Lead Gen Campaign for high paying local businesses. (how to set them up and how to react based on what the ads are doing).

Find the best high level clients and create a steady flow of new business by constantly filling up your calendar with "business generating" activities (in short... how to create momentum that never stops).

How we make $900-$3500 using simple 2 page websites (and how you can set these up in around 2 minutes... even if you suck at tech.)

How to get clients... even if you've got no background or proof of results.

How to Crush your Confidence issues... and finally move forward and make consistent money by providing a service that people really want.

This isn't a normal training...

This is my mission and what I'm going to throw all my energy into this coming month (and for the rest of the year).

How can you be 1 of the final 15 that gets in?

Sign up for our AdLab Mastermind

This is the group mastermind that we built to help entrepreneurs create a full time income (plus extras) by helping local businesses grow using Facebook. We're there everyday helping and sharing what's working.

After the Immersion Training, if you don't love the group and want to stay inside, you can cancel your membership to AdLab anytime.

Something You Should Consider:

This is a rare opportunity to lock in your AdLab Membership at a price you aren't likely to be able to take advantage of again.

Click on the AdLab Mastermind website link shown above for details about this item…


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A few more updates in a moment. Thanks for waiting...

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