Monday, June 26, 2017

ThirstyAffiliates Discount Coupon Code >> 30% Off Promo Deal

The most recent marketing and pr deal was just put on the IM Coupons blog. You will find more details on this by following the hyperlink just below. Hopefully you enjoy this most recently released add on, and many thanks for supporting all our work! All the best.

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Take advantage of the special ThirstyAffiliates discount code above and get a special 30% off your subscription of ThirstyAffiliates by Rymera Web Co.

Remember that the special offer above is valid for a short time only, and may expire without notice.

Just click on the Red Banner Link above to reveal and copy your ThirstyAffiliates coupon code and use it for your special offer price.

*If the particular bargain above has expired, just use the search box up above to see the newest available deals, discounts and bargains for this particular product.

ThirstyAffiliates is unique, useful and best of all free on the Plugin Repository.

The Link Picker features a clever search function to quickly pull up the link you’re trying to find, simply type away and the plugin searches for your link in the background. You don’t even have to remember the whole name of the link, just a bit of it and it will find it for you.

Choose from one of the many built-in link prefixes, or if you like you can define your own custom link prefix.

ThirstyAffiliates abstracts away all the complexities of this and presents you with the Link Picker – a simple tool so you can search for your affiliate links right there from your edit screen.

"When people are discussing products in our forum I wanted them to turn into links. I’ve seen a huge boost in the number of clicks since deploying the plugin."

From the editing screen you can easily manage the link’s destination URL (your affiliate link) and it’s corresponding cloaked URL. You can also set a display name so you can easily find your link using the affiliate link picker.

Unlike other plugins that simply redirect URLs, ThirstyAffiliates gives you the control to create a link once, and reference it many times over. Even letting you import your links to other blogs so you only ever have to set it up once.

The core plugin is free and can be downloaded right now from the Plugins Repository.

Add or edit the link’s category for quick organisation and better reporting which is important for professional affiliates with hundreds of links to manage.

One of the most important features we wanted to build in to this plugin was the ability to categorize your affiliate links.

ThirstyAffiliates WordPress plugin gives you unprecedented control over your affiliate links.

ThirstyAffiliates affiliate link management plugin is a new breed of WordPress plugin that allows you to treat your affiliate links like the assets that they are.

You can now also use the Link Picker when typing replies to comments, go ahead and give it a go next time you’re giving a recommendation to one of your commenters.

If you'd like some Thirsty Affiliates add-ons that you can use to powerup your free plugin, just use this limited time only coupon code for a special price.

Click on the ThirstyAffiliates website link above to get more information about this product…


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