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Secret Sauce Growth Hacking Discount > $69 Off Promo Special Offer Deal

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Take advantage of the special Secret Sauce Growth Hacking discount link above and save yourself $69 off your subscription of Secret Sauce Growth Hacking by Vin Clancy, Austen Allred.

Remember that the deal listed here is valid for a limited time only, and may expire at any time.

Just click on the Red Banner Link you see above and it will direct you to the Secret Sauce Growth Hacking special offer page to get your discounted subscription.

* In the event that this offer has expired, then please make use of the search box at the top of this post to find new discounts and discount bargains for this particular product.

Austen and Vin sold over $100,000 of an ebook in one month.

In a world where eBooks are given away for free by the truck load, these guys found a way to pull in six-figures.

Pretty crazy, right?

Before I tell you how they did it, let me first tell you how they didn't do it:

No PR...

No Content Marketing...

No "Influencer" endorsements...

"Ok... so how did they do this?"

By following the strategies and in-depth tactics that they outline in The Secret Sauce.

Secret Sauce: The Ultimate Growth Hacking Guide is a step-by-step, hand-held guide to getting users, traffic, and revenue.

With this guide, you'll learn tons of actionable and practical tactics. (Specific tactics you can actually use right now.)

My favorite aspect of this book?

It breaks down each channel (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) and shows you exactly how to use that channel for growth.

One of the coolest things for us as we went through this book was the amount of new tools we discovered. Yup, even us at AppSumo had never heard of some of these (gasp). The Secret Sauce shows you exactly what software you should be using for your growth hacks, saving you tons of time and allowing you to scale your efforts.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hacker, this guide has something for everyone!

Just take a look at everything this book has to offer...

I'm sure you're wondering, "what exactly did these guys do to raise $100,000 in pre-sales... and will I learn this in the book?"

I'm glad you asked!

Vin told me the three biggest pieces that helped them reach their wildly successful goal were:

Building landing pages that convert... which they lay out how to do in detail in The Secret Sauce.

Growing and nurturing their email list so they were excited and ready to purchase once they launched.

Using Twitter growth hacks... which ended up being one of the top referrers for their campaign.

What's awesome about their strategy is that they weren't doing everything. That's a recipe for burnout and failure.

Instead, they choose a few channels, leveraged their strengths, and found huge success.

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