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Camp Clarity Discount Coupon Code – $249 Off Promo Deal

A good solid addition was recently placed on the IM Coupons daily bargains section. You can check out the full features relating to this update by going to the hyperlink listed below. Additional updates coming soon when time permits

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Use the limited-time only Camp Clarity discount code above and get a special $249 off your subscription of Camp Clarity by David Perdew, MyNAMS.

Bear in mind that the deal listed here is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time.

Simply click on the Red Banner Link you see above to reveal and copy your Camp Clarity promotional code and use it to get your limited-time only deal.

* Found this special offer has ended? Simply use the search area above to discover the most recently released special offers available for this package.

Eliminate the word “try” from your vocabulary. It insinuates inaction and not reaching the goal. You’re no longer “trying” to do anything — you’re going to just DO it.

This is where we hangout, all with a common purpose, to support one another, discuss issues, find out about meetings, ongoing problem solution. Once a members, always a member.

With all the work you've done to this point, you'll boil it all down to two words that represent your Guiding Principles. Once you've identified these using the process we demonstrate, EVERYTHING you do should take you toward those principles, and never away from them.

"It is what it is." That's short code for this is reality. Now, get over it. Even though I'm a dreamer, I love reality, and so will you because you'll discover that you can start from nowhere else. This is process helps you determine exactly where you are and what you need to do next to achieve your goals in all areas.

This is the basis of every decision you make.

If you don’t know your core values, you have to weigh every decision at every opportunity that comes along. In the Clarity Coaching Camp, we create “Decision Matrix” that enables you to make easy “Hell Yes” and easy “Absolutely NO!” decisions

You must bring CLARITY to those blurred boundaries to reach the level of success you desire and that’s what exactly what we’re here to help you do.

The plan is useless unless you EXECUTE. We'll show you how to stay on track.

But balance is a largely a MYTH. It’s a feel-good, catch all term people use to hide the fact that they haven’t FULLY committed to BEING an entrepreneur because they’re still TRYING.

Notice that business is only one of the five elements we focus on. Why? Well, if any of the other four causes you stress, you can’t be a successful entrepreneur.

In CAMP CLARITY, we help you create your life philosophy by focusing on five distinct elements:

In CAMP CLARITY, we help you hone and reshape each of the 5 elements to support itself and the others. When these elements work synergistically, you’ll find that your life AND business will be optimally tuned to continually manifest success and abundance.

This 6 module self paced course allows you to dig deep to discover your best life.

Uncover your core values, assets you didn't even know you had and dreams you never knew were possible.

We're always adapting based on the information we have at the time. And now it's time to re-assess your Vision based on the work you've done and to create your future state with your new insights. Once you picture your future clearly, it's time to create a step-by-step execution plan that gets you there as quickly as possible.

Yes, it's a mindmap. And I'll show you exactly why we use the free software tool, Freemind, or your mindmap software, to build your execution plan. It's easy to build and easy to modify and easy to track.

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