Saturday, July 1, 2017

Writer Help Wanted Discount – Independence Day 63% Off Promo Special Offer Deal

Today's marketing campaigns deal was just updated on the IM Coupons site. You'll find more details about this by simply clicking on the url below. Hopefully you love this most recent add on, and thank you for encouraging all our work! Take care.

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Make use of the temporary Writer Help Wanted discount link above and save Independence Day 63% off your subscription of Writer Help Wanted by Alice Seba, Ron Douglas.

Take note that the deal listed here is valid for a short time only, and may expire without notice.

Just click on the Red Banner Link you see above and it will direct you to the Writer Help Wanted discount page so you can grab your special offer price.

*If the bargain given above has expired, just use the search box up above to get the most recent available deals, discounts and bargains for this particular package.

What does a good mom do when she needs to make extra money to pay for her two kid’s college tuition? Well, Garnet Miller began earning a second income writing about subjects that interest her like healthy eating, family, fitness, religion, writing, current events and online business. In this training, she reveals how she got started and how anyone can earn a consistent income from writing.

And you also get so much more, such as:

Module 1: Writing Markets – Start here to discover a variety of writing markets and different ways to earn from them. Whether you’re new to your writing business or have been around for a while, this module has plenty of ideas for everyone.

Module 3: Get Long Term Work – Establish yourself as a full-fledged writing service and have clients come to you, by finding your specialty and positioning yourself the go-to writer in your niche.

As part of the WriterHelpWanted training program, we've twisted the arm of 8 of our most successful members and colleagues to reveal to you their success secrets. Cut your learning curve dramatically and get the best tips from these 8 professional writers...

We know you love writing. We do too, but it's simply not enough. The good news is that that once you know how to market yourself, it's easy to get ahead.

Fred is a highly demanded and successful screen writer, playwright and children’s television show writer. He shares the tricks of the trade and what it took to become the head writer of Nickelodeon hit shows Oswald and Wow Wow Wubbzy!, off Broadway shows like Fortune’s Fools, and the popular plays “A Brooklyn State of Mind” and “Dark Side of Genius”. Discover how to turn your writing into a long and prestigious career.

Annette owns a successful ghostwriting business that specializes in web content for online business owners. Find out how she is consistently able to find writing gigs, including over 25 ghostwritten book clients, and the one writing skill that pays you 10 times more than writing books or articles.

"Thanks Alice, I just spent an hour inside the members area. Kudos to you and Ron. This is an outstanding resource for anyone who wants to write for a living.  It contains all the advice and more importantly, the specific links where they can get started making money quickly and easily.  In fact, it's the most comprehensive resource I've ever seen on the subject!" - Jim Daniels

How would you like to travel the world while earning enough money from your writing to pay for exotic trips to Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean? Derek reveals how he’s able to live the dream lifestyle supported by his writing income.

Discover his secret for getting ongoing work and charging premium prices.

As you can see, it doesn't matter where are you are now, you have the information you need to start earning from your writing and learn the skills you need to grow your income opportunities to where you want them to be.

My name is Ron Douglas.  I’m a New York Times Best Selling Author who’s sold over one million books and ebooks and been featured on Fox News, Good Morning America, and in People Magazine.

Most aspiring writers focus on writing over marketing and developing business skills.  While mastering your craft of writing is important, it’s all in vain unless you learn how to properly market your skills.  There are a countless number of highly skilled writers who are struggling to earn money because they lack this one skill.  On the flip side, there are below average writers out there earning steady income because they've learned many of the techniques we teach in the WriterHelpWanted program.

While many industries are still struggling from recessionary times, the one job industry experiencing EXPLOSIVE growth is online writing jobs. Companies NEED your help creating content to attract visitors to their websites, blog, and social media pages.

It shows you how to make short term, long term, and even passive income with your writing no matter what type of genre you write for. I was really impressed with the case studies from ALL types of writers - playwrights, bloggers, PLR sellers, and more.

"For years I’ve told people that offering a service is the fastest path to cash. Writers Help Wanted shows you exactly how to walk that path and start seeing results very quickly.

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