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Whatagraph Discount >> Lifetime $2321 Off Promo Special Offer Deal

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Digital marketing reports everyone will love

Analyze data and create reports for all of your digital marketing accounts with Whatagraph

So, the other day, my boss walks into my office and asks me, "hey, can you do me a favor and gather up all of our digital marketing reports?"

I said sure and then proceeded to clear my schedule for the afternoon. (It takes me 2 or 3 hours to grab all of the reports, sometimes even longer!)

And I know I'm not the only one who dreads having to do this time-consuming task.

Fortunately, I just discovered Whatagraph.

Whatagraph provides centralized and automated analytics reports that can easily be shared with clients and/or team members.

With a one-stop shop for reporting, this means you no longer have to go site-hopping to put together your digital marketing reports.

Whatagraph allows you to create and edit specific reports that contain only the data that matters to you, your team, and your clients. (Whatagraph can even automatically send out those reports to an email list!)

Whatagraph is designed to make your agency more efficient by organizing platforms and allowing you to switch between them in one click.

When compared to the competition, Whatagraph's reports stand out as being much easier to read. (This is great for me because I don't have time to read complicated graphs, SUSAN.)

It's also neat that Whatagraph offers flexible reporting (custom date range reports).

In regards to its efficiency, Whatagraph will remind you when new comments need to be added to the report, allow colleagues to be added to your dashboard, and can deliver reports to your email list whenever you want it to.

By using Whatagraph, you will save yourself and everyone involved a whole bunch of time.

This is an easy-to-use tool that will help streamline your digital reporting process.

Click on the Whatagraph site link shown above to check out the salespage…


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