Friday, July 5, 2019

DONE FOR YOU SOCIAL NICHE PACKS Coupon Discount Code @> $400 Off Promo Special Offer

“Discover How You Too Can Profit From These Premium Static Facebook Post Graphics that Teach and Sell for Your Clients! Read On Below…”

Just use this Done For You Social Niche Packs Discount Coupon Code and for a limited time only save $400 on Done For You Social Niche Packs created by Ben Adkins, Closers Cafe. Details below…

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Description : My Done-for-you Social Niche Pack Sale is officially Live!

Over the next 72 hours, I’m running a crazy sale on our Done-for-you Social Posts Packages… and you don’t want to miss these.

Normally each Niche Pack is $499.95…

Today… you can get any pack for just $99.95.

(and use them for all of your niche clients)

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And just in case you missed it…

What can you use these Social Post Packages for?

Well… to run my favorite Agency service of course!

My Favorite Digital Agency Service:

Without a doubt, my favorite service offering is something that I call “Social Content and Scheduling”. It’s not really Social Media Management… but it’s close (it’s just a lot easier to deliver). We don’t actively monitor our client’s Facebook pages. We just create content for their pages and make sure that it goes live on their pages 2x a day.

The reason my clients love this service.

When we have new content hitting their Facebook page every day…

They show up in the news feeds of their page’s existing fans more often (Which ends up helping to generate return visits to their business).

They look active and professional when new people search out their business on Facebook. (which leads to new business).

They show up higher in the Facebook Search Rankings for their Local area. (which leads to new business)

They only pay have to pay me $199/month for 2 post a day. (they are used to having to pay $500-1000/month for a lot less from other providers).

Unlike other folks they’ve worked with… We setup all of their posts so that they are branded with their business’ logo (we don’t just pull a bunch of images off the net at random… their content looks like it’s theirs)

The reason I love it.

Simply put… I make $199+ per month, for every client that I have, just for letting software 99% of the work.

How is $199/month worth it for me to do “all that”?

In reality… I’m not doing that much work at all.

I pick a 1-2 niches and stick to them.

I use the same 180 post over and over again (I start over the post after 3 months).

I use the same post for each client with some minor rebranding. (my clients know and are totally cool with it).

I do 2 hours of setup work and then the software does the rest of the work for the entire life of their contract (and people rarely cancel because it’s such a solid service for such a good price)

I get paid $199+ per month… per client… over and over again.

It’s a rinse and repeat process.

Can you do the same thing?


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