Friday, July 5, 2019

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Description : Stop creating boring videos like its 2001. Create Entertaining Videos That Sell!

In a few clicks you can create the same viral videos that are raking in hundreds of buyers for regular people each day!

Put your offers in front of real buyers without blowing cash on advertising

Unstoppable free buyer traffic without blogging, vlogging or SEO!

Tap into at least 4 proven streams of income!

Start getting FREE traffic in just minutes!

No need to create content from scratch!

Video marketing is dead sort of.

You see, if you’re creating boring videos that don’t really have any material to them, you really won’t be able to turn those videos into traffic or sales.

Videos are all about entertainment.

If your videos aren’t entertaining your viewers and connecting with them on an emotional level, they won’t bring in sales.

That’s exactly why TV ads are always fun and entertaining to watch. Companies like Coca-Cola, Fitbit, Honda and tons others spend a little fortune creating them.

It’s all about entertaining and selling!

But honestly, it’s nearly impossible to create entertaining videos like these for your own online business.

To do that you need to be a creative genius and a skilful video editor.

That’s exactly what we thought last year and we started tinkering around with our marketing videos. And that’s when we found out these 3 type of entertaining videos that are going viral EVERYWHERE we go.

o we went out to hire freelancers to start creating these type of videos for us to promote our own shopify stores and to promote our own software products.

Turns out, video creators charge an ARM and A LEG. $500 – $600 to create 1 video. This is insane and definitely not pocket friendly!

So we started looking for video creation software that could help us create videos like these FAST. I mean, there HAD to be someone somewhere who figured this out and created a solution for this.


That’s when I called up my team and we started the long painstaking journey of creating a software that would create these viral traffic getting entertaining videos that connect with our viewers emotionally and help us SELL more, without any paid ads or SEO.

And after over a year of development, $57,390 in development and testing costs and 3 months in beta testing with our users, we finally created!

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