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Description : Webinars a very popular online marketing strategy for selling high-ticket products.

They’re an effective tool for getting a highly engaged audience that is interested in your information and your pitch… if you do it right.

That’s what this month’s template package is all about – helping you with creating your sign up page, your presentation, your pitch and more.

Before we get to the tools, let’s give you a good overview to selling on webinars.

Why Webinars Are an Effective Selling Tool

#1: They Help You Connect with Your Audience

Generally, online selling is a solo experience. Your buyer visits your website, they you’re your content, and they decide whether to take the first step.

Even after you’ve made a connection with a prospect and they become a subscriber and a lead, the buying process is often still a solo event – your customer are by themselves and you have no real-time ability to influence their behavior.

Webinars are personal experiences. Not only are your prospects attending the event with you online, they’re with other people.

When you attend a webinar, if the content is compelling, then you are engaged with the information, the presenters, and often times with the other attendees.

They’re active learning experiences.

As a business owner, this gives you a unique opportunity to connect with your audience.

Not only are you able to tell stories and share experiences as you help them solve their problem, you’re also able to communicate your unique personality and voice. IF you open up the webinar for questions, then you are also able to engage personally with a few people.

People buy for emotional reasons.

They also respond to specific buying triggers and likeability, authority, reciprocity, and credibility are all triggers that you can tap into as you connect with your audience in a webinar.

More simply said, we buy from people or businesses that we like and/or that we believe offer value or are authorities on a subject.

#2: Your Audience Feels Engaged and Involved

During a webinar, there are different methods you can use to keep your audience with you. Because let’s face it, we’ve all been in webinars where we check out half way through or worse, we click away.

We’ll dive a bit more into how to keep your listener engaged when we talk about best practices.

However, for now know that by asking questions, delivering information that’s visually engaging, and by actively engaging with your audience member, everyone will feel involved and part of your event.

#3: You Have Their Undivided Attention

One of the main reasons that webinars are successful sales tools is that you’re able to capture your prospect’s attention for a significant period.

Think about the amount of time someone may spend reading an email or visiting your blog. It may be under 60 seconds.

However, with a webinar you have their attention for up to an hour, depending on the length of your event and how you structure your content.

This is significant.

It gives you much more time to earn their trust and to motivate a sale.

#4: You Speed Up Their Buying Cycle To be most effective, your webinar content will be targeted toward a specific group of people at specific stage in their buying cycle.

That means tailoring your content to that stage in their cycle.

For example, for consumers who are at the end of their research stage and are ready to make a decision, a demonstration webinar or an event that highlights the advantages of your products or services will be the content they need to make a buying decision.

A webinar can step in and help transition prospects through your funnel faster.

Webinars are an effective marketing tool when they focus on providing your attendees an exceptional experience.

They leave the event not only excited about your company products or services, but also motivated to continue moving forward with your business and taking the next steps.

There are several reasons why business owners feel that webinars are good selling tools. Once you have a system, they’re fairly easy to set up. They don’t cost much to put on.

They leave you feeling excited about your prospects and customers – it’s truly rewarding to connect with your audience and to help them solve their problems.

It’s fun to leave your audience excited about the solution you’re providing and of course it’s pretty darn exciting to see those profits start rolling in as sales are made.

Of course, the better your webinar and your systems, the more you’re going to sell so let’s move forward and talk about the best practices you can leverage for the most success.

To make the most of your webinar selling efforts, start with the tools included in this DFYTemplates package…

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