Friday, August 9, 2019

BUY BUTTONS MADE EASY VOLUME 2 Coupon Discount Code @> 30% Off Promo Special Offer

“How To Create an ENTIRE Sales Funnel from PLR, a 510+ Sale Case Study!”

Redeem this Buy Buttons Made Easy Volume 2 Discount Coupon Code and before it expires, you will save 30% on Buy Buttons Made Easy Volume 2 created by Dennis Becker, Barb Ling. More details…

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Description : When I was starting out in the IM business in 2002 or so, there were very few marketers who took you by the hand and gave you a do-this, then-that kind of case study.

Sure they told you if you were to buy what they recommended, rainbows would appear and there would be a pot of gold at the other end.

It sounded good in theory, and for 3 years I bought the dreams, looking for the rainbow.

I never found it, until I decided to ignore them, simplify things, do it myself, and trust my instincts.

That’s still a good way to go, but even better is when someone sells you something, then comes back later and says “hey, look, I used what I sold you myself, and this was the result”.

Barb Ling has done just that.

She actually did this a couple years ago and made a case study of how she took some of our PLR material (which you might already own), and profited greatly from it.

If you didn’t pick up that case study in the past, it’s the Flash Sale Friday special of the week.

The coupon code will also work on the checkout pages of any of the upsells, also.

Anyway, here’s the story…

Previously we sold tons of people PLR packages containing 235,000 words of premium IM content, and then a second package of 320,000 words of premium IM content.

Then, Barb went off on her own, used that content exactly like any of the several hundred buyers could have, and her own Warrior Plus account, and nothing else except her own creativity and street smarts, and the result was…

… ta da!

Over 500 sales, all from the PLR.

Want to know exactly how she did it, step by step, do this, do that?

No theory, just facts.

Then check out Buy Buttons Made Simple, volume 2.

If you already purchased our 235K and/or 320K bundles and haven’t profited from them yet, this will be a revelation.

If you didn’t purchase them yet, you’ll get a chance to, after purchasing the case study, if you want, or you can just stick with what’s on your hard drive already.

It’s seems almost too simple, really, but maybe that’s because it is. Really.

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