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“You CAN Make A Great Impact With Your Website & Social Presence! Even if you think you don’t have time, no clue what to write about, or you think your writing sucks…”

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Description : This online course consists of 4 Modules to create your own customized Do-Able Content Creation Framework.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside each of the modules…

Module 1: Answering The Question, “Who Are My Peeps?”

It’s no surprise it’s difficult to come up with content ideas when you don’t know who you’re writing that content for.

The first module takes you through an exercise to determine your Ideal Client Avatar–the one person you’ll be writing your content for in the future. You’ll understand her dreams and desires–what are her biggest pains and challenges.

Your content will then be speaking her language when you know her inside and out after going through Module 1.

Readers will know you understand her and offer the solution they’re looking for when they read your content that speaks their specific language.

Module 2: Sparking Ideas and Rocking Your Schedule

Module 2 dives into the ‘how-to’ for creating your actual framework.

Lessons include:

– creating categories for the type of content you’re writing​
– choosing a container to capture and easily access your ideas
– brainstorming exercises to spark eureka moments and ensure that you’ll never run out of great ideas for content
– setting up and using a content/editorial calendar

There’s also a lesson about creating your own style guide for content, so everything looks uniform when it’s published–keeping you on brand.

Module 3: Getting Into The Flow

It’s Production Time in Module 3.

Here’s where you’ll learn how to quickly create great content that’s delivered on time so you can publish it whenever you’ve laid out your deadlines.

It’s all about setting up a system to create your content and then following the system.

You’ll also have a lesson in Module 3 about how to create content that you don’t have to write yourself!

Work smarter, get more done! There’s no reason it has to be hard.

Module 4: Crushing Roadblocks Forever

You’ve used every excuse under the sun and then some in the past when it comes to getting your content done!

Now that you’ve created your framework, you want to be sure that old limitations don’t show up and sabotage your plan.

Module 4 explores the underlying reason(s) that you’ve been hitting resistance and creating excuses to delay your content creation.

We’ll explore why you’re reluctant to step into your greatness through sharing your expert content. (Hint–this is a very common challenge so you’re not alone with this one!)

Lessons in Module 4 explore your priorities, fear, imposter syndrome and overwhelm and how to overcome these excuses so you don’t let roadblocks stand in your way.

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