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“What’s the best way to determine if someone is the right fit for a coaching package, mastermind program or paid product? It’s a discovery call, of course!”

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Description : We’ve all heard about them. Some of us even dread doing them. But the truth is, discovery calls are hands down the best (and fastest) way to get to know a potential client.

As a coach, you would be doing your clients a disservice if you didn’t do a discovery call before working with them.


Because you want to make sure you’re the right coach for them and that your offers are the solutions they need before they invest.

And using our new Map Out Your Discovery Call Process in a Weekend planner you can teach your own clients how to easily create and map out their discovery call process in as little as one weekend!

Use this planner one on one with your high level clients, create a FB challenge around it, use it in your group coaching programs, or even in your live retreats. It’s ready and waiting for you.

With this done-for-you planner, you will be there to save the day and help them to get past their biggest roadblocks!

This 22 Page Planner Guides Them Through All Of This:

Step 1: Build an Enticing Freebie to Drive Client Sign-Ups

Lead magnets are an important part of your marketing process and should not be ignored. As the name implies, these free offers attract leads to your website and to your sales funnel.

Exercise: Brainstorm ideas for your lead magnet which are tied-in to your paid product.

Exercise: Which formats are easiest for you to produce?

Step 2: Pre-Screen to Ensure All Your Prospects are Perfect Fits

If you’re panicked at the idea of having to schedule 100 discovery calls, don’t worry. You still have some qualifying to do.

Exercise: Determine your ideal client and create your pre-screening form.

Step 3: Create a Call Rubric That Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

A discovery call needs to be guided and structured, not a “pick your brain” session with 15 minutes of small talk before you dive into the topic at hand. You have a LOT to go over and this is work time, so treat it as such and be prepared.

Exercise: Create a rubric for your discovery call. Write down answers to common questions or objections.

Exercise: Print out this rubric for each discovery call to keep your prospects’ answers organized and to evaluate if they are a “good fit” candidate for your program.

Exercise: Write out your rejection speech for those who are not a good fit for your program.

Step 4: Write an Unforgettable Follow-Up Email Series

You’ve got people submitting the questionnaires. You see quite a few qualified leads coming through so you’re encouraged that your program will fill up quickly. You’re having some awesome discovery calls with excited prospects who are excited about your offer. I bet you’re forgetting one very important thing: The follow up.

Exercise: Plan your email follow up series.

Exercise: Brainstorm multiple subject lines using strong action words and urgency.

Step 5: Make it Urgent! Set a Timeline for Call Sign-Ups

Your program has a closing deadline but so should your discovery call sign-ups. Even if your screening page is always open, don’t advertise that fact or you’ll be inundated with questionnaires year round. Instead, tell people that they have X days or hours to sign up before you close the doors for discovery calls.

Exercise: Create a timeline calendar for when you will close out discovery calls and when you’ll close the program.

Step 6: Put Your Discovery Call System on Autopilot

For a business to keep growing, it needs a constant flow of prospects looking to become coaching clients or to buy a product. Without prospects, you’re always scrounging for leads and sounding desperate while doing so.

Exercise: Investigate how to automate your prospecting and discovery call processes.

Exercise: Plan an email series for each scenario below. Include number of emails in the series, calls to action, deadline reminders, and subject lines.

Your clients will LOVE having this planner they can download or print off.

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