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The vast majority of authors I talk with realize the money saving and audience connecting benefits of doing it yourself.

However, they may be wondering about a few things.

… can I do this in my genre?

… what if I’m not a great speaker?

… I’m a total technophobe (hate/fear technology), can I do this?

… I already know how to produce my own audiobooks, will Audiobooks Made Easy help me?

1. You can create audiobooks in most genres heavy on text

Most non-fiction how to books, fiction novels, memoirs, and other text based books work well with audiobooks.

Exceptions would be picture books, recipe books, and technical manuals with a lot of pictures.

Em Brown is a romance author, and she sent this about Audiobooks Made Easy…

Just wanted to say how glad I am that I purchased your course. To date, I have made 20 books on my own. I’m hoping to have over 1,000 total units sold by the end of the year. There was probably no way I would have had a single audiobook published if it wasn’t for your course!

2. You can create audiobooks so long as your voice is understandable

Have you noticed how many people make a comment like, “I don’t like the sound of my voice?”

Our voices do NOT sound the same in recording as they do in our heads, and that throws some people off until they get used to it.

One situation you do want to be conscious of is if you have a strong accent.

In this case, I recommend recording a sample of your voice and getting feedback on how easy it is to understand.

3. Even if you’re not tech savvy, you can create your own audiobooks

Being tech savvy is NOT needed to produce your own audiobooks.

The course was specifically designed for authors who just want a simple step-by-step method you can follow along with.

You can do this no matter your prior experience with technology.

In fact, those who don’t have any prior experience tend to do well because they just follow the process instead of trying to do it “their way” which often complicates things.

Why do I believe it can work for you?

Because it’s helped hundreds of other authors and I regularly hear comments like this.

“I had previously convinced myself that audio book creation was too hard, too techy and not for me. After studying Derek’s course, I actually enjoyed the audio creation process and gained some new insights about my book content as well as spotting a few pesky proofing errors which had previously slipped through. Thank you for creating a great product” – Andrew Bridgewater, UK. Author of “Fit For Business: How To Deal With Stress & Create A Healthy Work Life Balance

4. You can significantly speed up the process with Audiobooks Made Easy

While the course is designed for everyday authors who’ve never produced an audiobook, some experienced audiobook narrators have found the process was way more effective than what they were doing before.

Keven Kruse, New York Times bestselling author of 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management, said, “I almost cried when I finished the Audiobooks Made Easy course because it made me realize how much time I had wasted while narrating my last book. Now I know. I’m confident the next time I create an audio book I’ll probably save 20+ hours and end up with higher quality too. Audiobooks Made Easy is the single best resource for indie authors who want to make more money with audio books.”

Ready to get started?

The best part is… you can enroll in Audiobooks Made Easy, and if you don’t find it fits you, it’s all good.

There’s a 30 day money back guarantee.

The limited time offer won’t be around much longer though.

So to avoid missing out on this…

Enroll in Audiobooks Made Easy now at the special price!

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