Monday, September 23, 2019

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Description : So we just finished some amazing updates to SwipeViral, and we were pretty excited to tell you all about them (more on that in a moment).

Then we started going through the tons of very positive feedback we got after launch and we realized something…

People are getting a lot of top 10 rankings in Google using SwipeViral!

The beauty of this is just how EASY it is to use SwipeViral!

You simply do a search, and post content to your blog that has already proven to be viral. DONE!

Corey Morehouse is one of the many using SwipeViral and seeing top rankings.

He said, “One post that i posted this morning is already indexed and ranks #2 just behind original content creator! Now getting yummy traffic!”

He went on to say, “I had [another] post about a gaming pc build that generated a lot of adsense revenue and amazon revenue just by posting the video. It’s that freaking easy!”

Jonathan Hamilton is another.

He said, “I bought an expired domain (revealed through TubeSnooper) and used Swipe Viral on it. I used a curated video (=someone else’s video!) for my Niche. I threw some backlinks at it. It was ranking at Page 2 about half way down [immediately]. I checked today and I am #7 on Page one! … I am also seeing some Search engine traffic … This makes me so Excited. Well worth the investment for this program!!”

We quickly realized that those SwipeViral users who USE the tool (again, it’s SO simple to use I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t), are seeing great results with SEO.

Not to mention the viral traffic that will likely be produced from those rankings, being that the content is already proven to be viral!

So, I checked the old posts I published with SwipeViral to EverythingAboutGermany dot com and sure enough, there were 4 top 10 rankings in Google for those posts… with no additional promotion on my part! I had not touched the blog since posting them.

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