Sunday, September 29, 2019

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“Get Your Marketing Message Into The Hands Of Your Subscribers Cheaper, Easier, Faster and More Effectively!”

Use this Text Deliver 2 Coupon Discount Promo Link and before it expires, you will save Lifetime Access $170 on Text Deliver 2 from Matt Callen, Mark Thompson, Digital Kickstart. Details below…

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Description : Did you know that the average text message is opened in under 3 minutes… (IMO, thats still seems long)

The average email is opened in 384 minutes.

Starting to see my point?

On average, email…

Open Rates…22%
Click-Through Rates…7%
Conversion Rates…2%
Time to Open…384 minutes (if ever)

Which is why if you want to actually communicate with your following – you need to shift to how people are communicating for the foreseeable future.

On average, SMS/text message…

Open Rates…98%
Click-Through Rates…14%
Conversion Rates…8%
Time to Open…3 minutes

TextDeliver 2 arms marketers with the ultimate platform for sending/receiving text messages for your business.

– Create coupon campaigns (works for online AND offline), set up a private promo and broadcast a message to your SMS list for instant sales. Only send it to those opting in for text messages to incentivize more signups.
– Notify them of your product that’s just gone live (or an affiliate product)
– Use the “Redbox” movie strategy and create a 10-day giveaway to build your list.
– Get traffic to your blog post, video, or even FB Live when you start broadcasting
– Fill up a webinar using automated text reminders
– Start individual text message conversations using our “Inbox” feature.

Hands down. It’s faster, more cost effective, more responsive than email (i.e. 98% open-rates).

There are less than 36 hours before we remove the one-time option and the coupon code.

Go now and grab the Ultimate SMS Marketing platform!

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