Monday, March 2, 2020

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Description : GetSocial is a social media content and distribution platform that uses dark social to track and improve content performance.

How do you really know your content marketing and social media efforts are paying off?

GetSocial answers this question by providing you with better insights into your audience’s sharing behavior to help you more accurately measure the real ROI of your content.

GetSocial tracks both public and private/dark social shares like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, and Slack to give you full visibility into where and how people are sharing your content.

Inside the GetSocial dashboard, you have access to all your analytics, giving you a bird’s eye view of visits, shares, referrals, and more for your social media channels.

Get an overview of your content and social performance on the GetSocial dashboard.

Having people share your content with others is vital to going viral.

GetSocial makes it easy for your audience to share their favorite content with friends and family on social media.

And the platform goes one step further by also allowing you to track, in real-time, the shares that take place on private channels when an individual copy and pastes the link.

All of these insights will help inform the decisions you make about what types of content to create and where/when to share it.

Use the platform’s social tools to make it easy for your audience to share your content on social.

Since GetSocial tracks your content performance in real-time, it can help you make in-the-moment decisions based on real data.

For instance, let’s say that your latest post about a new product blows up on Facebook and Twitter. You want to take advantage of the excitement over the post, but how?

GetSocial will let you know when content has gone viral and will even automatically publish this content to Facebook, helping you act immediately and leverage the excitement around your post.

You can use the data GetSocial gathers during your editorial and social planning by looking at the top stories or most popular posts. With this, you can discover which topics and types of content excite your audience the most.

Top Stories show you what kind of content is the most engaging for your audience.

Sometimes choosing which social content to share and when can feel like an elaborate, not-so-fun guessing game. (Kind of like playing charades with Aunt Karen…)

GetSocial identifies which content is the best to feature on your social media channels and determines the best time to post for maximum traffic and engagement.

With the automation tool, you can ensure the right content is posted for the right audience at the right time, without all the hassle of digging through metrics.

On the automation dashboard, you can get details on your automated posts like total traffic, average traffic uplift, total engagements, and average engagements per post.

GetSocial’s social automation tools take the hassle out of scheduling posts.

While private sharing may be hard to track, it is one of the most common ways people share links.

With GetSocial’s URL shortener, you can track 100% of the interactions that happen after the first click.

By seeing what content is shared in both public and private social spaces, you see sharing patterns and content engagements.

The URL shortener allows you to track 100% of content interactions, even those on dark social.

If you don’t know which content your followers are sharing and engaging with, then how can you make data-driven decisions for improvement?

GetSocial tracks your content performance in real-time, giving you the insights you need to create and share more of the content your audience loves.

If you’re ready to stop guessing and start making data-driven decisions, it’s time to GetSocial.

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